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Police Training in Afghanistan

7 Billion dollars later!



The USA is over in Afghanustan fighting the enemy and in so doing
they have been for 7 years or so, training fellows to be policemen.
So far just for this venture the USA has spent 7 BILLION, yes with a
big B - dollars!

The facts are 80 percent are illiterate and 20 to 30 percent use drugs.

They have been getting only 6 weeks of training! Which experts says is
a joke. There was until recently NO follow-up training. One USA army
guy said their marksmanship was terrible.

Bribing is common practice with the police. It was said that the police
is more critical to have than the Afghanistan army. But the police pay was
until recently a laugh, if not so serious a matter. If the Government is
corrupt so are the police.

There is more likely chance of being killed - 3 times the chance - if a 
policeman than being a soldier in the Afghan army.

One "expert" said it will take 100 years to get the police to be like the 
police in North America - it was in his mind a generation or two of re-
thinking and education.

Well the USA now has a new general in charge of doing things better.  

Pay is now $240 a month. But thousands, yes thousands a month quit!
Now basic reading program is in place. 

So the USA marches on to try and train "good" policemen in Afghanistan.

But SO FAR - 7 BILLION dollars spent on the effort to train Afghan policemen.

And that is just ONE SIDE of the USA and her allies being over there to fight
the enemy. And the enemy is still there in the hills, to ambush, hit and run, 
plant roadside bombs to kill and injure our soldiers (just think of the billions
of dollars spent over time for artificial limbs and rehabilitation for those that
come back with body parts missing) - Keith Hunt

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