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Fundamental Prophets - Commerce and Babylon #8

Iraq and Babylon?



Commenting on material things that often dominate people's lives
today, David Jeremiah says:

     This strong emphasis on money and the things it buys
provides ample evidence that we are nearing the last days that
Paul spoke of in his warning to Timothy. This and other signs are
lining up just as he, Daniel, and Ezekiel predicted, and they are
becoming more and more unmistakable. Global technology is
proliferating, increasing our knowledge and mobility
exponentially and setting us up for massive control by a central
authority. The distance between the haves and have-nots is
becoming a gaping chasm. Oil in the Middle East is becoming a
source of power and arrogance for nations eager to annihilate
Israel. And people are becoming alarmingly preoccupied with
wealth and the good life. The warning signs could hardly be

Some of those so called "warning signs" are no warning signs at
all, they are things that fundamental prophets focus in on as
they give you their prophetic rundown to the end of this age -
Keith Hunt

     Yet, it seems that few people are heeding these signs.
Unfortunately, such obliviousness to impending disaster seems
typical of our race. As Jesus told us:

     And as it was in the days of Noah, so it will be also in the
     days of the Son of Man: They ate, they drank, they married
     wives, they were given in marriage, until the day that Noah
     entered the ark, and the flood came and destroyed them all.
     Likewise as it was also in the days of Lot: They ate, they
     drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they built; but
     on the day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and
     brimstone from heaven and destroyed them all. Even so will
     it be in the day when the Son of Man is revealed (Luke

     This passage does not tell a story of debauchery at the end
times as some have taught. Quite the contrary; the people who
were living at the times of the Flood and the destruction of
Sodom and Gomorrah were simply living their everyday lives. They
ate, they drank, they married and were given in marriage. They
bought, they sold, they planted, they built. These people went on
with their love for the "good life" as if nothing unusual loomed
on the horizon. They refused to heed the warnings and just kept
on doing what they had always done until judgment descended and
their window of opportunity closed forever.
     Today the warning signs are clearer than ever before. This
should grip all of us with a sense of urgency about examining our
own lives and making necessary changes in our priorities. And it
should spur us to a greater concern about the lives of those we
know and love.....

This is somewhat of a contradiction from what Jeremiah said
earlier. It certainly does show that right up to the end of this
age, people will be going about their daily living as we do
today. Those under the Beast of Rome will think they are on God's
side, and will believe the good life with safety and peace has
arrived. Those under the power of the Eastern world will believe
they have the good life, and they are the best off in the world.
Hence indeed it will be as Jesus said, the Western and Eastern
worlds having a good time, and doing their daily work and
pleasure - Keith Hunt

     Earlier we noted that the first attempt at a world order is
recorded in the first book of the Bible. It occurred in Babylon
with the construction of the renowned Tower of Babel (see Genesis
11). Now, from the last book in the Bible, we are going to look
at the final financial world order, which will also be located in
Babylon. While the events we will be studying will occur toward
the end of the Tribulation period, let me challenge you to
consider them seriously. You may not think these events will
affect you, but they will; their shadow is lengthening across the
world even today.

You will see that David Jeremiah teaches the original Babylon
will be the center of the world for trade and commerce - Keith

     Babylon no longer exists as a significant world city, but we
know it will rise to power again because the Bible assumes it as
fact. The eighteenth chapter of Revelation gives us some very
specific information about Babylon as the rebuilt commercial
capital of the world during the Tribulation period.

Well, all I can say is, "You have to be joking!" But he is not!
ALL THE OLD SCHOLARS of the 17th, 18th, 19th centuries in their
Bible Commentaries, agreed that the BABYLON, MYSTERY BABYLON THE
GREAT, in the book of Revelation was clearly the Papacy, the Holy
Roman Empire of Rome/Europe. But now we have fundamental prophets
that teach the old ancient original Babylon will rise to
be the center of world trade and commerce. I am lost for words,
as this is totally and utterly garbage teaching, and you can mark
my words on that also - Keith Hunt

     Why Babylon? Why would this ancient, once-powerful city, now
obscure and gathering dust, rise again? Scientist and Bible
scholar Dr. Henry Morris suggests some answers:

     Babylon is indeed a prime prospect for rebuilding, entirely
     apart from any prophetic intimation. Its location is the
     most ideal in the world for any kind of international
     center. Not only is it in the beautiful and fertile
     Tigris-Euphrates plain, but it is near some of the world's
     richest oil reserves.... Babylon is very near the
     geographical center of all of the earth's land masses. It is
     within navigable distances to the Persian Gulf and it is at
     the crossroads of the three great continents of Europe,
     Asia, and Africa. Thus there is no more ideal location
     anywhere for a world trade center, a world communication
     center, a world banking center ... or especially a world
     With all these natural advantages, it is not farfetched at
     all to suggest that the future financial capital of the
     ten-nation federation established at the beginning of the
     Tribulation should be built here. Arnold Toynbee, the
     greatest historian of modern times, used to stress that
     Babylon would be the best place to build a future world
     cultural metropolis."

Well there you have it! Note what these guys are saying. Then
note, mark, what I'm going to tell you. Iraq is NOT mentioned in
last days, end time prophecy. Iraq may be a part of the EASTERN
power that will be at the end time, in the very last 42 months of
this age. But Iraq has no role AT ALL in the Great Tribulation or
ANYTHING to do with the Beast of Europe Holy Roman Empire - 
Keith Hunt

     The rebuilding of Babylon is not just the idle topic of
scholarly books. When Saddam Hussein rose to power in Iraq, he
conceived a grandiose scheme for the rebuilding of that ancient
city. He promised that Babylon's grand palaces and legendary
hanging gardens (one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World)
would rise from the dust. Believing himself to be the
reincarnation of King Nebuchadnezzar 11, who had conquered
Jerusalem 2,500 years earlier. Hussein invested more than $500
million toward his goal of restoring the ancient city of Babylon.
     In 1987, while on a site visit to the ruins of
Nebuchadnezzar's palace, Hussein asked how his guides were so
certain of the date (its construction. The curator showed Hussein
some of the original bricks, stamped with the name of
Nebuchadnezzar II and the date that we now refer to as 605 BC).
Hussein, not to be outdone, had bricks laid in his palace wall
that read: "In the reign of the victorious Saddam Hussein, the
president of the Republic ... the guardian of the great Iraq and
the renovator of its renaissance and the builder of its great
civilization, the rebuilding of the great city of Babylon was
done in 1987."
     To further cement the implication of a relationship between
himself and Nebuchadnezzar, Hussein had a seal struck depicting
parallel images of both himself and the ancient ruler. The
inscription was written in the wedge shapes of ancient cuneiform
script as well as strangely enough, English.
     Hussein was consumed with reviving the glory days of Babylon
under Nebuchadnezzar. He made Babylon "the focal point of Iraq's
nationalism," and on September 22, 1987, he inaugurated the
musical event known as the Babylon Festival. Saddam seemed
determined to echo Nebuchadnezzar's bold proclamation: "Is not
this great Babylon, that I have built for a royal dwelling by my
mighty power and for the honor of my majesty?" (Daniel 4:30).

Well from 1987 to the first invasion by the USA in 1991 the whole
scheme of Saddam was put on one big hold - Keith Hunt

     Saddam's extravagant plans were interrupted by the U.S.
invasion of Iraq in 2003. Despite his removal from power and
subsequent execution, the work to rebuild Babylon continues.
How does a war-torn nation like Iraq come up with the funds to
rebuild an ancient site? Obviously, some of the resources come
from the exportation of oil. In early 2010, Iraqi oil exports
were at the highest level in more than a decade. The government
of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki announced plans to quadruple
oil production to 2.15 million barrels per day by the end of
2010. The Iraqi government has issued long-term contracts with
foreign oil companies to manage ten of Iraq's major oil fields.
Al-Maliki aims to make Iraq a "preeminent producer that will
rival, if not eclipse, Saudi Arabia and Russia" as the
predominant world oil producers.

Here we are AGAIN - we're back to the oil prophecy of funny-
mentals. They are so ingrained with black oil, it must be running
through their veins, they will not get it out of their mind. So
even if Iraq has some oil and makes some money from it. I tell
you two things are certain: First, the USA will not have to buy
it from them (Alberta, Canada, has half the known oil reserves in
the world today as of the end of 2010). Second, the prophecies of
your Bible for the end times have nothing to do with Iraq or
their once famous city called Babylon, even if they do get to
build it up somewhat. It will be only a tourist city period!
Keith Hunt

     Oil is not Iraq's only source of funds. Despite its own
enormous budget deficit, the United States continues to pump
reconstruction money into Iraq. This in spite of Iraq's estimated
budget surplus in excess of $60 billion, little of which is being
invested in rebuilding the nation.
     Today the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and
Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is also pumping millions of
dollars into Babylon. With the help of private donors, the UN
hopes to turn Babylon into a thriving center of tourism and
commerce. If everything goes according to plan, Babylon will be a
cultural center complete with shopping malls, hotels, and maybe
even a theme park.
     In 2009 the U.S. State Department issued a media note
announcing a $700,000 pledge to "The Future of Babylon Project,"
explaining that "Babylon stands out among Iraq's rich
contributions to humanity." The note went on to say that this
project "exemplifies the American people's commitment to the
preservation of human heritage and their respect for the cultural
heritage of Iraq."
     An article in the British newspaper the "Independent" was
titled. "Iraq's New Venture: Holidays in the Garden of Eden," and
subtitled, "Iraq is trying to lure visitors to the land of
Babylon with the slogan 'tourism not terrorism.'" The article
goes on to say, "The cradle of civilisation, the land of Babylon
and the Garden of Eden. will become a paradise for foreign

So what! Babylon may become a tourist city. We have hundreds of
tourist cities in the world today. But I tell you dogmatically,
the original Babylon will play no part on the last 42 months of
the end of this age, as David Jeremiah and others would like you
to believe - Keith Hunt

     The United States government is taking seriously the rise of
the city of Babylon and the central place of Iraq in the future
of the world. On January 5, 2009, the largest and, at $474
million, the most expensive U.S. Embassy in the world opened in
Baghdad, not far from Babylon. The 104-acre, twenty-seven-
building complex is situated on the banks of the Tigris River. It
includes 619 apartments for staff, restaurants, basketball and
volleyball courts, and an indoor Olympic-sized swimming pool.
This embassy, known as "Embassy Baghdad," is the largest of its
kind in the world. It is the size of eighty football fields - as
large as Vatican City - with a population of 5,500. It dwarfs
U.S. embassies elsewhere that typically cover about ten acres.
The Baghdad embassy has its own defense force and is designed to
be entirely self-sufficient.

Big deal. So the USA has build its largest Embassy it has in the
world. Such building by the USA means absolutely NOTHING as far
as end time prophecy concerned, and you can mark those words of
mine also - Keith Hunt

     We can see by these moves toward rebuilding Babylon that the
city has a special interest in the eyes of the powers of the
world. I believe these steps signal the beginning of the
fulfilment of biblical prophecy. Henry Morris explains:

     Never has a great world city had such a meteoric rise as New
     Babylon, and never will one experience such a cataclysmic
     and total fall.... Babylon on the Euphrates has lain dormant
     and foreboding for centuries.... But mighty Babylon is not
     really dead.... Suddenly it will rise once again. Under the
     impact of overwhelming geopolitical needs, it will be
     authorized and implemented by the unprecedented building
     program undertaken by the federal ten-kingdom empire of the
     West, then pushed to dynamic completion by the Beast.
     Finally it will be inaugurated as the great world capital of
     the Beast, who will have become king of all the kingdoms of
     the globe.


Babylon's Rebirth as the World Financial Center

     This rebuilding of modern Babylon is of special interest to
our present study because of the city's historic past and
prophetic future. Nimrod, the first world dictator, tried to make
Babylon the first world capital. And biblical prophecy tells us
that the revived city is destined to be one of the three capitals
of the Antichrist, the final world dictator.
     According to the prophetic scheme outlined in Revelation,
when the Antichrist takes control of the world, his government
will function out of three major cities. From Rome he will rule
the political world (see Revelation 17). From Jerusalem he will
control the religious world after making a covenant with the Jews
(see 2 Thessalonians 2:4). From Babylon he will direct his
worldwide empire of economics and financial concerns (see
Revelation 18)......

There will NOT be THREE capital cities that the Beast will use.
There will be TWO - Rome and Jerusalem!! The Beast power will NOT
have an empire that "takes control of the world." The Beast of
Europe will NEVER rule the Eastern world. The EAST will be its
own Empire! China, India, Japan, are moving to be their own
mighty EMPIRE, and Russia will NOT join the West or be part of
the Beast of Europe. Russia will finally side with the East when
it all comes down to the battle of WEST against the EAST. There
will be no "covenant" between the Beast Europe and the Jews. All
of this is the VERY BAD and VERY DUMB teachings of the
fundamental prophets of Protestantism - Keith Hunt

To be continued

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