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Fundalmental Proppets - Technology #6

As long as you have Freedom of religion....



Continued from previous page: David Jeremiah now talks about
"modern technology"

....In the previous chapter we learned that we are heading toward
a time when almost every person on planet Earth will be con-
trolled through one diabolical economic system. If this time is
imminent, as I believe it is, what are the signs that it is
approaching? What should we be looking for?
     I will address that question in this chapter. In the
following pages we will identify and explore four distinct
financial signs that signal the end times and the coming of
Christ to take His church to heaven.....

Again, Jeremiah talks about "every person on planet Earth" being
controlled. It is just NOT so. The Eastern world will never come
under the Europe Babylon/Rome Beast; neither will South America.
South America, like the last two world wars never comes under the
control of the Beast of Europe or the Eastern power. South
America will NOT be in the coming 3rd World War - Keith Hunt

     In early 2010 the "Jerusalem Post" reported that Ben Gurion
Airport in Tel Aviv had implemented a first-of-its-kind biometric
security system to make air travel safer and security screening
more efficient than ever before. The Unipass Airport Management
System was developed by the Israel Airports Authority, adding to
Israel's reputation for having the most advanced airport security
of any in the world. The new system, currently in the test phase,
is expected to be in widespread use by 2012. It creates a
personal smart card for each participating international
traveller by scanning the person's passport, fingerprints, and
facial image in a one-time registration process.
     The machine at the first airport security checkpoint scans
both the passport and the Unipass smart card to verify the
person's identity. Once cleared, the passenger moves to another
machine with a touch screen to answer security questions. Once
the passenger is cleared through these two stations, the Unipass
card is again scanned at luggage, check in, and carry-on
     While the rationale most often given for the implementation
of this new system is to "significantly reduce waiting time for
various security checks," there can be no doubt that it is a
secure and equally applied means of identifying potentially
dangerous airline passengers.
     And it has an even more sinister potential: it is a perfect
weapon in the arsenal of a tyrant bent on world control. As we
know from a previous chapter, a despotic ruler will govern the
entire world during the last half of the Tribulation period, and
he will likely use technology to accomplish his purposes
(Revelation 13:16-17)....

Wellll....he may have told you in his last chapter this despotis
guy will govern the ENTIRE world, but what Jeremiah tells and and
what is the actual truth are two different matters entirely.
Again mark my words, put them in red, ONLY the Western world
NORTH of the equator, will come under the control of the Beast -
South America - Central America - WILL NOT come under his
control! Central and South America are NOT mentioned in end times
Bible prophecy - Keith Hunt

     Robert Samuelson, political, economic, and social issues
columnist for the Washington Post, draws a straight line between
our technological advances and the financial world:

     It's one of those vast social upheavals that everyone
     understands but that hardly anyone notices, because it seems
     too ordinary: The long-predicted "cashless society" has
     quietly arrived, or nearly so. Electronic money [is] cheaper
     than cash or checks ... [and] it's more convenient.... We
     have crossed a cultural as well as an economic threshold
     when plastic and money are synonymous.

     Add to this the voice of Peter Ayliffe, chief executive of
Visa in Europe: 

     "Paying for goods with notes and coins could be consigned to
     history within five years ... and some retailers could soon
     start surcharging customers if they choose to buy products
     with cash." 

     If you have flown on any of our national airlines recently,
you've already encountered the cashless cabin where food, drink,
and even $2 earphone purchases can be made only with a credit

So what? It it sin to have a cashless society(if it did happen)?
There is NOTHING in your Bible that says a society with no cash
is a SIN! At one time some societies did not use "cash" - there
was no such thing as "cash" - it was "exchange" or "my skill does
this for you, and your skill does that for me" society - 
Keith Hunt

     Samuelson tells us, "In 1996, checks and cash represented
almost 80 percent of consumer payments-now, they're less than
half." He went on to project that in the near future credit or
debit cards will account for 70 percent or more of all payments.
This trend tells us it is likely that in the near future, no
actual money will exchange hands at all. Even your paycheck will
be electronically credited to your bank account like that of 83
percent of all Social Security recipients - if it isn't already.
Paperlessness has the obvious benefit of saving time and trees.

When the TV came out, people said the end of Radio would come.
Radio programs and stations are still around, some doing very
well indeed thank you. When Radio came out, some said the end of
newspapers would come. Newspapers are still around some doing
just fine thank you. When Radio and TV came along, some said the
end of magazines would come. Magazines are still being sold, and
people still love magazines. When the eBook came out (reading
books on your laptop or iPad etc. some are saying books will fade
away. I predict they will NOT. There are millions of people (I
happen to be one of them) who still prefer to have a hard copy
book in their hands to read, make notes in the margin etc.
Paper money and coins will NOT disappear, there will always be a
need for paper money and some coins. But people like David
Jeremiah want you to believe we shall have a cashless world
because they have a motive behind such talk, their silly ideas
about end time Bible prophecy - Keith Hunt

     But there is another motivation for a cashless society. The
2009 pandemic of the HIN1 flu may prove to be one of those crises
that lead us another step closer to cashlessness. Money is dirty.
I'm not referring to the filthy lucre spoken of in 1 Timothy 3,
but to the simple fact that "banknotes may be reservoirs" for flu
viruses. Scientific American noted in their "60-Second Science"
feature of January 5, 2009, that "influenza viruses can survive
on banknotes for as long as seventeen days.".....

What about newspapers and magazines and flyers and whatnots, that
get passed around, or put in waiting rooms etc. Doing away with
paper money ain't going to solve what I've just mentioned about
the use of paper, unless of course you believe everyone in the
world will wear plastic gloves from wake-up-time to bed-time - 
Keith Hunt

     Today many of us carry our own personal point-of-sale
terminals around in the form of our cellular telephones. Because
of the enormous boom in the use of these devices, most financial
futurists foresee a global economy that is operated largely from
cell phones. This widespread and growing technological phenomenon
deserves a closer look because it has ominous implications
relating to endtimes prophecy......
     Not only are cell phones convenient; they are becoming
ubiquitous. Almost everyone has a cell phone these days, even
"more than half of all twelve-year-olds.." Pew Research reports
that 85 percent of Americans have cell phones and 56 percent of
them have accessed the Internet wirelessly.
     The more than 229 million wireless subscribers in the United
States used 2.2 trillion minutes, sent 1 trillion text messages,
and brought in total wireless revenue of $148.1 billion in 2008.
Thirdquarter 2009 statements for Apple's proprietary provider,
AT&T, report a one-year increase of 2 million subscribers and 8
percent in revenues to $13.65 billion. Verizon was up 24.4
percent at $15.8 billion with a million new subscribers.
     This growth is true not only in the United States. The
rapidly developing economy of India reported 391.76 million
wireless subscribers, 109.7 million in the rural areas of the
country alone. That figure was up 50 percent during the same
period just one year before. Even tightly controlled North Korea
had 20,000 cell phone users at the end of the first quarter of
2009 and announced the planned expansion of their 3G network to
the whole nation by 2012.
     To sum up these figures, by 2009 the number of cell phone
users had reached 4.4 billion globally. According to the iTWire
network this worldwide usage of cell phones makes it
"technologically feasible to connect the world to the benefits of
information and communication technology."
     Couple this widespread usage of cell phones with their
growing range of applications, and you begin to see their
enormous potential, for either good or evil. In the modern era of
personal computers, two operating systems dominate: Microsoft
Windows and Apple OS X With cell phones, a third "platform" is
now in existence: smartphones, characterized by Apple's wildly
popular iPhone. Just as the personal computer has platform-
specific applications to handle tasks (such as financial
management), so smartphones now have their own suites of
applications. In November 2009 the iPhone had 100,00( separate
applications, about twenty of which dealt with some aspect of
     Given the meteoric three-year rise from zero mobile banking
users in 2007 to an estimated 40 million by 2015, it appears that
mobile banking is the rising star of convenience banking.
     Financial technology can now be incorporated into a phone,
making it possible to use it for purchases as you would a credit
or debit card. In 2009, Filipino SMART Money cardholders were
encouraged to use its "electronic wallet service" to "perform
safe and secure online purchases with the help of their cell
phones." The U.S. is behind other countries in "smart wallet"
implementation. People in Japan, for example, pay for goods and
services by swiping their cell phones, not a plastic card.
     These cell phone wallets are also taking the place of the
desktop personal computer as they become another option for
Internet connection. According to Facebook, 65 million, or 25
percent, of their 250 million current users access their service
through a cell phone....
     One example is an "Internet branch," where you can do all
your banking at home - transfer your funds, pay your bills, or
just about everything except make cash withdrawals. And if you're
away from home? No problem. Just use your cell phone. For some of
you that is not future; it may be how you purchased this book....

     I bring to you this elaborate summary of new technology and
what it can do in order to restate one reality: prophetic events
cast their shadows before them. As these technological
innovations show, we are on the cutting edge of having all the
technology that the Antichrist and False Prophet would need to
wire this world together for their evil purposes. Right now it is
well within the range of possibility for a centralized power to
gain worldwide control of all banking and purchasing. As we see
things that are prophesied for the Tribulation period beginning
to take shape right now, we are made aware of the fact that
surely the Lord's return is not far off.

This is all propaganda for what the funny-mentals see as Bible
prophecy. The modern technology is NOT to be affraid of per se.
It would only be a concern if a Government was using it to check
out your "religious beliefs and practices" - and then calling you
in to warn you to change. It would only take a few, literally a
few people to have this happen to them, and such would be posted
all over the modern space-age technology to warn others. You
would soon know how you were being tracked. You would know it
would be time to flee or make the decision to stand for truth,
realizing you will face persecution, imprisonment, and possible
death. Some of God's saints have down through time, been willing
to be found out about their faith and to stand tall, even unto
death. On the other hand modern technology would mean true
Christians would be able to communicate fast, with other true
Christians, and so plan on their escape to the wilderness as
written in Revelation 12.
I have no problem using modern technology UNTIL that technology
tells me I cannot practice my faith. I have nothing to hide or be
ashamed of. Jesus said that whoever was ashamed of Him so He
would be ashamed of them before the Father. And add to all this
that there is nothing in God's word to tell us this modern tech
stuff will be used to spy on our religious beliefs or practices.
David Jeremiah and his kind are shooting in the dark over this
manner, and anyone can shoot at anything if it seems to
strengthen their interpretation of the mark of the Beast. There
is no sin in having your debit card on your skin or on plastic in
your wallet. If it's on your skin as least you you will not loose
it. All of these things have very fine benefit. It's only if your
Gevernment likes to tell you HOW to worshop God and what rites
you are to practice, does it become sin if you follow their
commands that are in opposition to God's commandments. You can
have all the chips and cards in the world, but if you are freely
allowed to practice your religiom - the chips mean nothing in a
theological view; they will just make doing business easy in many
ways, as they are doing right today.
Keith Hunt

     If you wonder what financial technology has to do with the
mark of the Beast, I urge you to remember that prophecy was
written with the words and from the context of human authors in
their day. Therefore, when the apostle John wrote of a mark, he
naturally thought of the slave or criminal branding of his day,
which would inflict a literal and permanent mark on the hand or

Oh did they really think and look at it that way? Turn to Ezekiel
9 - read verses 3-7. This way back in the time of Ezekiel. God
tells the angel to go for and "set a mark" upon the foreheads of
the men that sigh and cry for all the abominations. The angel was
to slay all that did not have this mark. Now was Ezekiel thinking
or telling us this was a literal mark that he was familiar with
in HIS DAY? Of course NOT! People of Israel were not running
around with some physical mark on their foreheads. Ezekiel was
not thinking of some physical brand. There is not one bit of
evidence that such marking from God was ever put on the
Israelites forehead at any time in their history. If it had been
so, you can bet it would have been recorded in Jewsish history as
a mighty miracle from God, one that they would have recorded
- it sure would have been recorded in their history books. So
John did NOT necessarlity think of it as a physical mark of
branding on the hand or forehead of his day. The argument falls
flat on its face. Also the sign "unto thee upon thy hand, and a
memorial between thine eyes, that the Lord's law may be in your
mouth ...." (Exodus 13:9). There is no written record in the
history books of Israel/Judah that this was some physical sign
placed on them. Hence there is no need to beleive this was some
physical mark that John would have thought about. It's only those
with some agendar to get you to believe what they want you to
believe that would use this clever argument, leaving out the
verses in Ezekiel and Exodus, which would blow away their fancy
hypothesis - Keith Hunt

     While that happens to fit closely to the RFID chip scenario
discussed in the previous chapter, we cannot be sure that the
mark will conform that specifically to John's conception of it.

Ah, you see David Jeremiah steps back as he thinks about the
very weak notion he has just presented to you - Keith Hunt

 The mark may well be an electronic identification signature via
cell phone or other device that will control one's ability to
make purchases if the world has gone totally cashless by the time
of the Antichrist.

And even if it has - a chip on your skin or on some plastic card
is not sin if it is only acting as a debit card. Now if it is
there to tell you how to worship God by the laws of the Beast,
then you will soon find out from the ones who will post such all
over the Internet, and you will stand against such a control,
face the punishment or FLEE into the inderness (Rev.12).

The world and our Governments ALREADY HAVE the means and the
technology to spy on your every move, know what you talk about,
what you Internet about, what church organization you belong to,
what political voting you do, if any; what sports you partake in,
what holidays you had and where you went. They can track where
you go, what clubs you belong to. They can know your history and
what jobs you have done in your life. They have your history on
your driving record, if you have been in trouble with the police.
And on and on its goes. IF the Government wants YOU CAN BE TRACT,
more so than many amagine! You file an income tax form - they
know a lot about you from those forms, and by all kinds of other
information you have given at times throughout your life.

Now I have no problem with any of that, for I have nothing to
hide. Why, let them spy on me, they will see and read about the
Gospel I teach and preach. Maybe some will find Christ as their
personal Savior. There is no need to be fightened of modern
technology. When the Beast rises we shall know what is coming and
we can be prepared to stand tall or flee into the wilderness.
Modern technology will actuall help us in many ways.

If you wait for a "secret rapture" you will be shocked when it
does not occur - for such an idea is nowhere taught in the Bible.

Keith Hunt

To be continued

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