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German youth not Learning/Japan GDP hit bottom

Space junk everywhere up There!

                           SPACE JUNK EVERYWHERE

                         ISRAEL NO PLANS FOR PEACE

                         JAPAN SINKS OUT OF SIGHT

                         GERMAN YOUTH DO NOT LEARN

February 15th 2009. The BIG once economic giants of the world
meet to discuss how they get out of the recession. One thing they
do not want is a trade war with the USA. They want all nations to
work together and not erect trade walls. They are not ready to
"each man to his own." 

The USA has its "stimulus package" but not many if any seem to
know what the thousands of rules and hand-outs are contained in
this many thousand page document. President Obama is to give some
of the details on the 18th.

The USA car makers by Tuesday the 17th are to give their plans to
the USA Government, as to how they plan to become viable once
more. They do have another alternative and that is to declare

8 million are presently out of work in the USA.

Japan has hit the bottom of the barrel - GDP lower than it has
been for 35 years.

A photo on MSNBC today showed the earth with its hallo of space
junk circulating the planet. They say 12,000 pieces of junk,
small and large, are flying around us. As time goes on we will
hardly see the stars for space garbage. We are busy polluting
ourselves in outer-space. The space astronauts will have to peek
around all the bits and pieces to look back at the earth.

The State of Israel has decided there will be no peace-agreement.
I guess they figure it will have to be war with whomever.

One of the experts on "global warming" in the book length report
for the world that he helped draft, is now saying the warming is
speeding up much faster than predicted, in part to the pollution
China and India are throwing up into the air.

A rally by the youth of Germany, with the infamous Nazi sign was
held over the last few days. One older guy maybe in his late 60s,
said, "They will take us down the path as before; they just don't
seem to learn from the past."

A very fine movie I've just finished watching is "The Couple"
(2004) - a John Daly film. Probably not easy to find, I just
happened to come across it in Blockbuster's a few days ago. It is
the story not known by many of how wealthy Jews literally bought
themselves and their families out of the death camps, bought
freedom. It is gripping, a love story, and I recommend you seeing
it if you can find it. 
The horror of World War 2 has so many sides to it. This movie is
just another very sad but here turns out good for "some" Jews.


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