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Fundamental Prophets Again!

Economic Armageddon!



Dr David Jeremiah is one of the leading modern Fundamental
Protestant prophets - they are all pretty well in the same

Jeremiah has to keep producing books for fundamental people to
buy, that's how he makes his living.

Here are some of his ideas: I will comment as we go:


     It's a ten-letter word-four vowels and six consonants-worth
a minimum of fifteen points in a game of Scrabble. Often
misspelled and mispronounced, it is just as often misapplied.
According to the dictionary, Armageddon has been a recognized
word in the English language since the 1300s. It can refer to
three things: the place of a future "final and conclusive" war
between good and evil; the name of that specific battle; or a
massive conflict or confrontation.
     Of course, as Christians know, the word Armageddon is from
the Bible, designating the world's final, climactic battle that
will be fought on the plains of Megiddo....

     I chose to use that word in the title of this book because
it pictures the catastrophic conditions that will prevail on the
earth in the end times and because many of those conditions are
beginning to be visible today. For the past three years, I have
devoted my study to the identification and understanding of these
prophetic attributes.

     I believe that much about the future of this world has been
revealed to us in the prophetic pages of the Bible. In the
following chapters we will explore together the answers we find
     We begin with a look at the state of the American economy,
which is still deteriorating and threatening to collapse.
     Although there are glimmers of hope, unemployment is at
near-record highs in most of the country, and in my home state of
California, it continues to rise.
     In October 2009, according to the Labor Department's report,
the National Unemployment Rate had risen to 10.2 percent, more
than doubling the rate when the financial crisis began to be
evident in December 2007. The unemployment report issued in June
2010 indicated that the seasonably adjusted unemployment rate in
the country was down slightly to 9.7 percent. But in California
it was still above 12 percent, and there was little hope for any
major move downward!
     Since percentages tend to be very impersonal, let's look at
this statistic in another way. These cold numbers translate into
the fact that nationally more than 17 million real people -
sisters, brothers, neighbors, maybe you-are unemployed and
looking for work. As of the end of May 2010, 46 percent (6.8
million) had been unemployed for more than twenty-seven weeks.
Add to that another 8.8 million workers who had become
"involuntary part-time workers" since their hours were cut.
Another 2.2 million had given up looking for work in the four
weeks previous to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report and were
not included in the unemployed figure. The total unemployed in
May 2010 was 17.2 million .9
     According to my calculations, that means there are 26
million would-be full-time workers in our country today in some
degree of financial distress related to unemployment. That "more
than 49 million Americans-one in seven-struggled to get enough to
eat" was only one indication of the severity of the recession in
the United States." More than 11 million homes nationwide are now
"underwater" - that is, worth significantly less than the
mortgage owed on them. According to the Federal Reserve, the
collapsing housing market has produced a $7 trillion loss in
value from late 2006 through the end of 2009.....

     While most of us are understandably concerned with the
impact of the American financial crisis, we cannot ignore the
global economic meltdown that seems to be herding us in the
direction of a new world order and a one-world government.
The idea of a one-world government is as old as the book of
Genesis and as current as the United Nations. The world is
looking for someone who can say, "We saved the world from
disaster"-someone with more credibility than Fed Chairman Ben
Bernanke, who made that claim in the summer of 2009.
Our world is ripe for globalization. When the Cold War ended with
a widespread thaw in hostilities, the nations and their economies
began the process of trying to conglomerate from separate
nationalistic entities into one heterogeneous unity. That process
has been about as easy as incorporating iron into clay. Sure, it
can be done, but not without the manipulation of basic
structures, and even then the results can only be temporary. No
combination of nations will ever be able to form a strong, stable
world government - at least, not one that will last for very
     The European Union was finally successful in adopting a
constitution - type government with the approval of the Treaty of
Lisbon in November 2009. Its implementation on December 1, 2009,
opened the door for a stronger and more centralized government in

But the fundamental prophets still cry out about ONE world ruling
government yet to come. The truth is it will NEVER happen! China
and India and Russia, will always remain entities for themselves,
they will NEVER agree to some ONE government, where they are
puppets to some ONE leader. Just will never happen, and
understanding correctly Bible prophecy, it also tells you that
such a one world government is NOT going to take place in this
age of man - Keith Hunt

     As I write this, the world is still in the early stages of
recovery from the major recession that began in 2007. Recent
recessions have lasted no longer than eleven months, but the
effects of this one have already lasted nearly three times that
     Reversing a promise by global leaders in April 2009 to end
the recession, only China, France, Germany, and Japan were into
the recovery stage by the end of that year. Today Canada, Italy,
Greece, Great Britain, and the U.S. are still struggling to check
the downward trend of the economy. Great Britain's expected
"probable"  recovery from the recession in the last quarter of
the year was met with the announcement of "an unprecedented sixth
consecutive quarter decline."

Actually Jeremiah knows little about Canada, for Canada was never
hit anywhere near as bad as the USA and Britain and other
nations, for Canada's banking and finance laws were much tougher
than any of the other countries that went into deep recession -
Keith Hunt

     Historically, it has been the economy of the United States
that has recovered earliest and has been able to pull "the rest
of the world out of its funk. This time around, it is hoped that
China will lift the U.S. out of recession. If neither of these
two nations can rise to the challenge, there seem to be few
options left on the horizon.
     Could we be standing today on the edge of a recession from
which no one economy, no one nation, no one union will be able to
extricate the world? The Bible predicts that such an era is
coming. Fuelled by the world's economic convulsions, the only
answer will seem to be the unification of the nations under one
economic system and one world ruler.

So on they go with ONE world ruler and ONE world government. The
Bible predicts NO such event happening. The world will be divided
into TWO camps at the end time - The Western world ruled by a
Babylon/Roman Europe with its military leader and religious false
prophet - and the Eastern world of Russia, China, India, Japan -
Keith Hunt

     In those final months of his evil reign, no one will be able
to buy or sell without his special identification mark implanted
in his or her forehead or hand. Using the technology that is
already powerful enough to accomplish his plan, the Antichrist
will control the financial destiny of every nation and every
     From his center in the ancient rebuilt city of Babylon, the
Antichrist and his partner, the False Prophet, will regulate the
commerce of the world until Almighty God brings it all to an end
"in one hour" (Revelation 18:10, 17, 19).

A re-built ancient Babylon....that blows me away! What silly and
crazy theology prophecy this is. To think that the old ruined
city of Babylon over in Iraq is going to be the headquarters of
this one world empire is so ridiculous, I'm lost for words, but I
should not be, as the fundamental prophets have little clue about
correct Bible prophecy - Keith Hunt

The Fall of the American Economy

     According to the Department of the Treasury, at the end of
the 2009 financial year, nearly 50 percent of our nation's public
debt was owned by foreign governments and financial institutions.
The rate of foreign ownership of American debt securities is
increasing at an alarming pace; it is now triple what it was in
2001. Here is a partial list of the nations that hold our debt
and the amount they owned as of the end of 2009:

China                         798.9
Japan                         746.5
United Kingdom                230.7
Oil Exporting Countries       188.4
Caribbean Banking Centers     169.3
Brazil                        156.2
Hong Kong                     142.0
Russia                        122.5

     This money has been borrowed by issuing IOUs, which are
called bonds or Treasury notes. We use that borrowed money to pay
our government's current bills. Until our debt is repaid (which
it likely never will be), we pay interest on those IOUs.
     According to the Congressional Budget Office's forecast for
this decade, the government expects to incur $9 trillion in new
debt. More than half of that amount ($4.8 trillion) will be
applied to interest payments.
     One financial professional has determined that the interest
on the national debt accrues at the rate of $41 million an hour.
That's $690,000 a minute, and $11,500 per second! Remember,
that's just the interest. These payments do not touch the
     The fact that our government, economists, and the media are
beginning to think in terms of trillions instead of billions is
not a good sign. It tells us that the economy is being filled
with Monopoly money, and the government's giant Ponzi scheme is
ballooning ever more rapidly in order to keep from

     I agree with those who say it seems very unlikely that our
nation will ever be able to pay off her debts. Social Security,
Medicare, Medicaid, and any new health benefit program require
more funding than our current tax structure can support. Even if
the tax rates are increased-as we have been assured will
happen-there simply is not enough money to buy our way out of
debt. If these assumptions are accurate, our nation is headed
toward bankruptcy.
     If the United States were to go bankrupt, it would morally
default on everything it owes by simply saying, "We no longer
acknowledge our debts." The government would simply reset the
value of our currency by declaring the worth of a dollar with no
real value to back it up. Taxes could go as high as 70 percent of
one's income. If history repeated itself, revolution would

And so such talk has been pronounced since the early 1960s. When
I came to Canada in 1961 at age 18, I was hearing such statements
from "religious" prophets, about the terrible USA debt and that
it could not continue without a crash that would blow us away
into a has been nation. 50 years later we still have "prophets"
telling us the same, and yet the USA has managed to survive under
huge debt for decades gone by. I fully believe that a long time
ago the USA Government has decided "what the heck - let's forget
about our national debt." And it has for the last 50 years still
been the number one economy in the world. Canada a few year back
DID get out of national debt! But she's in over her head once
more. But if the USA can live on with huge debt so I guess can
Canada. This "debt stuff" has been voiced for 50 years, and we are
still here, though not as well off as we were, but that was
because of greedy Wall Street and Bankers, not because of huge
national debt - Keith Hunt

America's Puzzling Absence in Biblical Prophecy

     In an earlier book, What in the World Is Going On?, I
devoted an entire chapter to the question, "Does America have a
role in Bible prophecy?" The simple answer is no.
     Indeed, no specific mention of the United States or any
other country in North or South America can be found in the
Bible. One reason may be that in the grand scheme of history, the
United States is a new kid on the block. As a nation, it is less
than 250 years old - much younger than the nations of Bible times
that are featured in biblical prophecy.

The funny-mental prophets just will not BELIEVE God and the
prophecies of Genesis. They are so blinded to prophecy it is
right before their eyes, biting them on the nose, kicking them
between the legs, but they refuse to believe what the Lord
promised to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph. They refuse to
accept the truth of history that the House of Israel went into
captivity under the Assyrian power, and by the hundreds of
thousands moved into and across Europe as the Celts, Angels,
Saxons, Danes, Jutes, Normans, Gauls, Franks, and are the peoples
of Britain and the English British Commonwealth, the USA, and
nations of North-West Europe. 
And so because of their darkened mind-set they continue to not
have a clue about Bible prophecy. And because they have rejected
truth (on this and other subjects like the weekly Sabbath), God
will, has, rejected them. They are blind leaders of the blind,
and both shall fall into the ditch. When the Great Tribulation
comes and they find they have not been "raptured" away (another
of their false teachings) they will indeed fall into the ditch of
death. The USA and Britain are mentioned in Bible prophecy more
than ANY other peoples of the earth - Keith Hunt

     Up until the writing of this book, I considered the Rapture
of the church to be the most plausible explanation for the
Bible's silence about America's future. My reasoning went
something like this:
     If the Rapture were to happen today and all true believers
in Jesus Christ disappeared ... America as we know it could be
obliterated.... Not only would our country lose 25 percent of her
population, but she would also lose the very best, the "salt and
light" of the nation .... It would be like a reverse surgical
operation - one in which all the healthy cells are removed and
only the cancerous ones are left to consume one another.

     What if none of the reasons I have listed explain why
America is a nonplayer in the final events of history? What if
there is another explanation so obvious that students of prophecy
have failed to notice it? What if this once-great nation, because
of its inability to repay its trillions of dollars of
indebtedness, is so weakened as to be absorbed into the new world
order and its global economy, thus losing its sovereignty and
separate identity?

It is not going to happen that way! Mark my words, put them in
red, high-light them in yellow! It will NOT happen that way. The
destruction of the USA and Britain will not be because they
become a part of an agreement to be part of some world power of
economic imagination by all world powers.
And further more the 25 percent of "raptured" USA saints is very
over-estimated even if a "rapture" was in the prophetic cards - a
rapture away from this world at the start of the Great
Tribulation - the USA is becoming more and more "secular" every
single day, no matter how the "Tea Party" wants to spin it -
Keith Hunt

The New World Order

     Throughout his presidency, George Herbert Walker Bush was a
vociferous advocate of the new world order. Now, move forward to
the more recent past. In November of 2008 Henry Kissinger, Nobel
Peace Prize winner, former secretary of state, and assistant to
the president for national security, wrote this: "Now that the
clay feet of the economic system have been exposed..., this
requires a new dialogue between America and the rest of the world
.... If progress is made on these enterprises, 2009 will mark the
beginning of a new world order."
Just a few days before the inauguration of President Barack
Obama, Kissinger said this in a television interview:

     "The president-elect is coming into office at a moment where
there are upheavals in many parts of the world simultaneously.
You have India, Pakistan; you have ... the jihadist movement. So,
he can't really say there is one problem, that it's the most
important one. But he can give a new impetus to American foreign
policy partly because the reception of him is so extraordinary
around the world. I think his task will be to develop an overall
strategy for America in this period when, really, a new world
order can be created. It's a great opportunity. It isn't just a

     In Kissinger's mind, Barack Obama is mankind's greatest hope
for accomplishing the new world order. And President Obama seems
determined to fulfil Kissinger's hope. As he went about Europe in
April of 2009, especially at the G20 Summit in London, Mr. Obama
seemed to go out of his way to paint a new picture of America's
role in the international community. Sometimes it appeared to the
global media as if he were running for president of the world.
     Heralding Obama's election, the Arabic newspaper in Tunisia
said, "Today America elects `The President of the World,"' and
the Jordan Times called him "the American leader we need."
Australian foreign policy expert Michael Fullilove entitled his
February 2009 Brookings Institution article, "Barack Obama:
President of the World." I Apparently the whole world has great
expectations for our president and his vision for a new world
order in which "the American consensus is over."

Barack Obama has shown he is useless at trying to fix the USA and
the world's economy. It is so large it is beyond any one man,
even at the head of the most powerful country in the world (and
in this recession the USA is still the number one economy in the
world, at the present, November 2010). It is only the silly
fanatical mind that sees Obama as the head of some one world
order empire. He just will never be. He may not even be President
of the USA come the next Federal election for President, and even
if he retains the White House, I will dogmatically tell you he
ain't going to lead a one world order into prosperity. Correct
understanding of Bible prophecy tells you that! Keith Hunt

     Not only have politicians and presidents lobbied for a new
world order, even Pope Benedict XVI, in his encyclical letter of
July 2009, voiced his support for an international paradigm
shift: "In the force of the unrelenting growth of global
interdependence, there is a strongly felt need even in the midst
of a global recession ... of a true world political authority."
     He went on to say, "Furthermore, such an authority would
need to be universally recognized and to be vested with the
effective power to ensure security for all."
     What is there about a new world order that unifies the minds
of scientists, presidents, politicians, and religious leaders?
For many it is surely the fear of a world-ending global war.
Others see the need for a new order through the lens of hunger,
disease, and other social issues they believe could be addressed
more effectively through centralized political power. More
recently, what are termed "earth" issues, such as the possibility
of global warming, overpopulation, worldwide drought, toxic
pollution, and life-threatening weather crises, have been
considered potential triggers for a world government. 

Well the Pope can see a world order is desirable, but what the
Pope does not tell you is that HE and the Roman church desire to
ride, to lead, to rule, that ONE world order. And Bible prophecy
DOES say the RC church will one day once more ride the
Babylon/Roman Holy Roman Empire, the 7th and last resurrection of
that Holy Roman Empire. She will ride it again as she did during
the middle and so-called "dark ages" - for truth it will be a
time of darkness once more. But as Revelation 11 tells you God
will have His two witnesses preaching truth to the whole world
when the Beast Power of Europe rules the Western world - the
Western world I said, for she never will rule the Eastern world -
there is ONLY ONE world ruling new order to come, and that is the
Kingdom of God under Jesus Christ - Keith Hunt

To be continued

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