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Movies - time out

A mixture this time


As you know I'm a movie buff, if they are worth seeing that is.

So the new ones first:

UNSTOPPABLE - just out. The true story of two train engineers
who stopped a runaway half mile train that was in auto mode  with no man 
aboard. It is nail-biting.

SKYLINE - another new one just out. If you like science-fiction movies
then this one is for you. It has a different ending for sure, but
maybe that is because they can move on to make another one from this one.
Then again maybe you just have to imagine what could have happened.

MY ONE AND ONLY - an Alliance Film - staring Renew Zellweger - the true
life experience of actor George Hamilton. Light, funny, and certainly
different for the experience of a teenager. Interesting and as it says 
on the back cover - A Smart, Cheerful Comedy - that actually did happen.

THE INFORMANT - 2009 Warner Brothers movie - Matt Damon - a true story of 
a "food additives" guy - a whistle blower. I had to watch this movie a few 
times to really understand it all. Again interesting and it really did happen.

FIFTY DEAD MEN WALKING - 2008 movie - it is about the IRA in Northern
Ireland in the 1980s. 22 year old Martin McGartland was recruited by the
British police to inflitrate and spy on the IRA. It is brutal in content,
ONLY FOR ADULTS to see. It blows you away how hateful and cruel people
can be towards other people of different political and /or religious
beliefs. A hard movie to watch for that reason - very violent, but to
understand the realities of life in some parts of the world (as it was for
a few decades in Northern Ireland) then an historical movie to see, and
also inspiring that some people will sacrifice their life to save others.

GUNLESS - a Canadian movie - yes entirely made in Canada with a Canadian 
setting in the old wild West of Canada. The Canadian Mounted Police also.
An Alliance Film. Filmed near to where my Dad lives in B.C.
Lovely scenery and anything but gunless - staring Canadian Paul Gross. 
The setting is very authentic, they went to old photos of that era to make 
it as authentic as  possible. It was made to be funny, but kinda serious as well. 
A light and delightful and somewhat different "western." Yes, guns, a gun fight 
or sorts, romance, funny, children. The gun-fighter Montana Kid (from the USA)
out-running the bounty hunters, ending up in the Canadian Wild West.
All ends well. Just a good movie for the whole family.

That's it for movies for now.

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