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Huge Telescope for Secrets of the Universe!

Bankers get more Trillions



February 11th 2009. On the Canadian National news today, a HUGE
radio wave telescope is going to be built by 2012. It will be
many large radio telescopes (they look like a 20 foot TV
satellite dish) next to each other over acres of land. It will be
so huge and powerful that they figure it will be able to detect
radio waves (whatever they mean by that) way back to the
beginning of the Universe and also detect if there is any other
planet like ours anywhere in the entire Universe.

It will be 2012 before they finished building it, I believe they
said in Alberta, Canada.

What man is able to do is remarkable!

The USA banks are getting TRILLIONS more dollars, yes I said that
with a "T" not a "B" - and the bank guys, have used a good deal
of the money they have so far been given to pay themselves still
the huge salaries and huge bonuses they still give to each other.

You talk about a "nutty" society we live in. At least one
Congress man was fuming angry, saying, "It was you fellows who
got us into this mess to begin with and you still get huge
salaries and bonuses."

"Crazy mun, it is crazy mun," as the Jamaicans would say it!

"Stupid mate, stupid mate," as the Australians would say it!

Dumb, brainless, witless, dense, doltish, empty-headed, dim-
witted, duncelike, idiotic, imbecilic, moronic, inane,
nonsensical, asinine, as my Readers Digest "Family Word Finder"
uses words to describe "stupid."


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