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Finally, finally and FINALLY!!

Facts and Logic make sense!

Finally, finally and FINALLY!!

Tonight, November 10th on the very popular (all over North America) 
"As It Happens" - the CBC evening news stories program, interviewed
a USA Judge that has come out in open public talk to state he believes
marijuana should be LEGALIZED like tobacco and alcohol.
He gave the facts that tobbaco kills about 400,000 per year; that alcohol
kills about 100,000 per year (and is as I reported before the greatest
destroyer for our social structure of all "drugs"). Then the judge went
on to say that NOT ONE single case has been proved that marijuana has
killed anyone.
He pointed out that the MOST ARRESTS in the USA are over marijuana.
He pointed out that the USA has MORE PEOPLE IN PRISON than China that
has 4 times the population!

He pointed out the millions (and over years the Billions) of dollars
spent on fighting marijuana as an illegal drug.

He pointed out we have created the EXACT SAME situation with marijuana
that was created in the 1930s with making alcohol illegal!

FINALLY there is at least one judge in the USA that has the facts and
the common sense to deduce that fighting the illegal marijuana law, we
are NOT winning, we are wasting money, and that the USA has more people 
in prison than any other country in the world (mainly because of a law
that makes marijuana illegal).

Finally we have one judge that is SANE and not mad. Do you begin to see
just from this one example why God in His prophetic word, says that our
Israel leaders are MAD! Yes He does! 
Our leaders are stupidly MAD over making marijuana an illegal substance.

If you want to know the truth about the original marijuana plant then you
need to go and read and study what Tara Chapman has written on her Website 
about  the plant:

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