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Hitler's Demise

God's Intervention!


The Western world at least will on November 11th remember those
who died in the greatest war history has witnessed - the Second
World War - 1939-1945.

Though true Christians cannot be part of a nation's "war machine" 
I as an individual do stand in some awe of people who will die
for a cause they feel they must be willing to die for. So from
the natural human point, I admire the bravery of people who put
their life on the line to save others (those who hid Jews from
the Nazi mad-dogs and so stood in peril of being found out and
killed along with the Jews. Now that is something a true
Christian can participate in during such an horrific war brought
on the world by crazy Hitler types).

I've mentioned the very fine DVDs put out by the CBC of Canada -
a documentary on "Love, Hate, and Propaganda" - a side of the
Second World War that many, if not most, have never seen or read
about. That documentary should be in your home library,
especially if your raising school age children.

In a nut-shell MacDormand gives the overview of how God saved
Israel and Judah from the second of THREE swords (as given in the
book of Ezekiel) that were to come upon the Israelite people
before Jesus comes again.


By Robert B. MacDormand

The Second World War shaped the history of the world and we would
do well to remember the lessons it taught us. Approximately fifty
million people lost their lives in the devastation it brought,
and there were untold injuries and lives changed because of it.
However, the Lord God certainly had a hand in influencing the
outcome of it.

Following Hitler's campaign of terror in such countries as
Czechoslovakia, Poland, and the Netherlands (which he bombed even
after they surrendered), he launched his "lightning war" against
France. He first destroyed the French air force and then
proceeded to obliterate the French ground troops. The British
army on the continent was in France and Belgium and had to
retreat to Dunkirk. Hitler's plan was to first deal with the
French forces and then to surround and destroy the British army.
The French put up a tremendous battle, mostly due to the number
of tanks they had, but they were no match for the German air

Meanwhile, seeing the plight of the British army, King George VI,
a believer in Israel Truth, called the Commonwealth to a day of
prayer. The next few days the weather on the continent became so
bad it grounded the German air force. Then the English Channel
became so calm it allowed even small boats to get across to
evacuate the British forces. Approximately 220,000 British
soldiers and 118,000 French soldiers were rescued from Dunkirk.
Hitler was furious, but was assured by Goering that they would
still obliterate the British air force and invade the island.

They prepared for the air invasion which the British called the
Battle of Britain.

Before the Battle of Britain, Hitler broadcast that the "German
sword" was about to strike, but four days after Hitler's
broadcast, Britain had another day of national prayer, requested
by the king. The result was the defeat of the German air force,
which lost twice as many airplanes as the British, despite the
more experienced German pilots, who were veterans of the
campaigns in Europe. The British had adapted radar to military
use, even though its inventor had intended it for monitoring
weather patterns.

Hitler did not give up on the idea of destroying Britain. He
believed he could bomb them into submission. For months there
were night bombing raids over British cities, known as the Blitz.
The British sent their children to the country, blacked out their
windows at night, and many of them slept in the underground.
Hitler planned a massive air raid over London for December 29,
1940, with a thousand bombers to destroy the city, but again the
weather changed and grounded the German air force.

In the early part of 1941 Hitler knew that the "lightning war"
had failed against Britain. He knew that he needed more raw
materials and food to supply his forces for a prolonged war and
there was only one place to get them - the Soviet Union. We may
think the Russian Campaign was the beginning of the end for
Hitler but perhaps it was when God intervened at Dunkirk. The
British never lost their determination in the difficult year of
1940. They never failed to thank God for each time He saved them
from destruction. They had a king who believed in Jesus Christ
and churches that encouraged them. The British Israel movement
was strong at the time and told the people that Britain would
never be invaded because it was the "appointed place". This gave
courage to thousands of people.

By the end of 1941, the German forces were having trouble on the
Russian front. There had been heavy rains and mud in September
and October and in November the temperature suddenly dropped to
forty degrees below zero. In December, Hitler's worst fears were
realized when the Americans were launched into the war. At that
point he should have surrendered, but perhaps he hoped German
scientists would be the first to create a weapon of mass

We learn from the Second World War that God will save Israel when
we call upon Him in the name of Jesus Christ. However, we must
abide in Him and have his words in our hearts. Otherwise, we will
go into the next great conflict as a Godless people. Therefore,
we must keep praying for the spiritual revival of our people and
trust in his promises, as recorded in scripture. 


We as nations of Israel - the British Commonwealth, USA, and
nations of North-West Europe, have gone passed the point of no
return. We shall not freely REPENT and turn back to God and His
holy word. As God says in His prophets of old, pray not for this
people, they have sinned beyong where they can prevent the
DESTRUCTION to come on them. In the next and last WORLD WAR we as
the House of Israel together with the Jews of the House of Judah,
will be punished with destruction and taken captive to the land
of our lover enemies. ONLY THEN shall we fall upon our knees in
full and DEEP repentance. Jesus will come and the saints of all
ages with Him (because they will have been resurrected to glory),
and those left in Israel and Judah shall come in a massive Exodus
and return to the Holy Land - the Promised Land - and there worship
our God in spirit and in truth, never again to depart from His
holy and righteous law and commandments.

This is what the prophets of old have stated over and over again
for the end time, for the last 42 months of this age.

So it is written and so shall it come to pass!

Keith Hunt

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