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Remember Me - the movie

Take today for tomorrow....

REMEMBER ME - the movie

Dispite the somewhat coarse language at times and sexual content,
I do recommend teens and adults seen this perfectly acted movie.
from Summit Entertainment 2010.

If you have not yet seen this movie.....well it is about the life
of many in the big apple of New York city. It is life that often
has it tragedies, it's twists, its turns, its forgetfulness of 
things too important to forget. Life that has its love in unexpected
ways. Life that makes a turn for the better when life its home.
It's to remember that life's stories are behind life's loss.

For you who have not seen it, the ending ..... well it says what
I've just stated above. It is unexpected and kinda catches you off 
guard, but then in so doing you are hit with the point in no
uncertain way as to what the writer of the movie story wanted to
hit you with. And yes, you may well shed a few tears, if your like 

Make sure you see it!

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