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To Save a Life - the movie

Teen life and the answer

TO SAVE A LIFE - the movie

I was browsing in Blockbuster to see what good true life movie
I might find that I did not already have. One under the "previously
viewed" caught my eye - To Save a Life, everyone has problems not
everyone has faith.
On the front cover was "Appealing, Poignant and Inspiring" - Gary
Goldstein, Los Angeles Times.

On the back:

"...A Truly Inspirational Film; To Save A Life captivates..."
- The Huntsville Times

"...This Film is capable of Transforming the lives of Moviegoers...."

Jake is the most populoar kid in school and has a promising future,
but his world is rocked when tragedy strikes his childhood best friend. 
Now Jake is forced to ask, "Could I have saved him?" With help from a 
few new friends, he embarks on a journey to live a life of purpose,
knocking down the sacred social barriers of high school life and
befriending a loner, Jonny Garcia. But when Jonny's life spirals out
of control, will Jake have what it takes to stop him from the same
tragic end? Can one person really make a difference?

It's an Affirm Films -

Very down to earth and very into the life of many teens in the last 
year or two of High School - popularity, parties, dating, sex, and
those who find they are alone, picked on, and life is not worth the

Yes, should be in your family films library. Do your family a favor
and make sure you have this movie at your home, and that your children 
of teen years get to see it. The teaching it contains hits home, and
maybe your teen can save a life.

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