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Convicted - the movie

Dedication and Determination!

CONVICTED - the movie

Just back from seeing the new October 2010 true life movie

Definately one for adults to see, but you'll have to ignore
the "f" word throughout.

It is the inspiring and true determination of a sister's love
for her brother to prove he was innocent of a horrible brutal murder
of a woman.
The effort and study this lady was willing to do to become her brother's
attorney - the years it took - is quite remarkable.

The sad story of women in situations where they were willing to lie
in court; the sad story of some police officers being themselves
criminals, is also clearly shown in this movie.

The sad situation that our law courts have convicted at least 250 
innocent people over the last 3 decades, now proved to be innocent
by modern DNA evidence, is also shocking.

It is a sobering true life movie of mistakes made, sometimes deliberately
by law officers, and the painful result on the innocent. This true life
story has a happy ending.

The stick-to-it-ness of the sister is an example for all true Christians
to not only believe in the truth, but to be determined to see truth prevail
in our lives until truth wins. It reminds me of those of God's children
who have gone before - holding to the truth delivered, even against all
odds and misconduct of others who would see truth washed away, for their
own purpose. Some of the children of God over the past centuries had given
their lives for the truth, knowing that in the end (which will be the 
resurrection and judgment of God on all people) truth will win the day.

A sad but inspiring true movie is CONVICTED.

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