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Marathon Runners

Obesity Children



Well the latest science study (because some runners were dropping dead running
the marathon) has shown in no uncertain way the effect on the heart, AND IT IS NOT
GOOD!! Before and after scans of the heart were done, and the picture shocked
some of the researchers. The heart was anything but as it should be after you run
a marathon.

I'm not at all surprised. Being an athlete all my life in various ways, from sprint
running, half mile, one mile, cross country, soccer, cricket, judo, and horse-back
riding (including trick riding and jumping), running the marathon just ain't natural.
I'm going to make some upset for saying it, but I'm telling you friends, God never 
made us to run marathons! He gave us the HORSE to carry us 26 miles. Some may be having
a laugh at my last sentance, but it is so! If you want to have a good workout over 26 
miles then RIDE A HORSE at a trot and chanter and maybe a little gallop. Horses (good
fit ones - and of course not the heavy cart horse) were made to go 26 miles.

I'm serious, as the science NOW PROVES! You can get your fitness in MANY ways other
than trying to run 26 miles - the pounding your body and joints take trying to run
26 miles ..... well common logic should tell you the answer. 

God never intended for our bodies to pound out a 26 mile run. God never intended to
bash our body and head in the boxing ring either. And as for the bashing in the new
anything goes fighting ring ..... common sense should tell you the answer to that 
one also; it will not be allowed in the age to come.

So use some logic people, the 26 mile run is not natural; science now shows your heart
does not think it is natural either.

Science also now shows that obesity in children is putting that child's body into
the age group body of MIDDLE AGE people!!

If you have children common logic tells you to do what you can to make sure your child
is not, or does not become one of the growing problem of our Western world producing 
obesity in far too many of our children.

Famine, wars, storms, earthquakes, volcanic erruptions, tsunami waves, sickness and
desease, still plague our world from day to day.

The North Pole was 4 degrees warmer this year once more - it's melting away. Yet some
still say (like the guy who wrote the book "Black Bonanza" I told you about recently) 
the world is getting colder not warmer. I think he must have been writing his book while 
in the antarctic, or south pole, during its winter months.

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