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Wikileaks leaks it BIG TIME!!!

Shameful/Disgusting USA and Britain!


Wikileaks leaks out tens of thousands of so-called classified documents
of the Iraq war. Of course Clinton gal denounces such being published
by Wikileaks, saying it may put USA soldiers in danger.

Well I'm not about to spend much time, probably no time on Wikileaks
Website to read all this "secret" war documents; I heard enough on the
main USA TV news stations to HORRIFY and make me SICK to my mind and stomach!!

As one news-caster said the USA and Britain are IMPLIED and co-workers in 
all this horrible, awful, appaling, ghastly, gory, loathsome, vile, nasty, 
atrocious, monstrous, shocking, unspeakable, and all the other words my 
Readers Digest Word Finder gives for that which is disgustingly terrible.

I guess you can go on Wikileaks Website and read all the gory details if
you like. The bits of it I heard on the standard news-casts makes me to 
want to delve no further into the details.

The founder of Wikileaks has said such "classified" documents need to be
public domain, brought and given to the everyday person in the USA and Britain
and wherever else.

The torture of Iraqi against Iraqi all written about and "classified" by the 
USA.....well it's all there I guess for everyone now to read about it they
so wish.

The USA and Britain stood by, recorded it all, and they were not so sick to
their stomach as to say this kind of torture must NOT be done - torture that
as one other news guy said, was medievil in brutality.

I told you when Bush boy declared war, and Blair boy sided with him, that this
was going to be wrong and evil - now we are beginning to see how evil it has been,
and now the facts have come out that 100,000 civilians have been killed (a great 
many by Iraqi against Iraqi, but certainly the USA and allies have done their 
share of civilian killing).

It's been a MAD WAR! Pure and simple - a crazy mad war, with hundreds if not thousands 
of your young men and women coming home, if not dead, badly injured, and some just
mentaly scared for life - post tramatic syndrom I think they call it. Their minds
blown apart by what they witnessed and did.

I've said it many times on this Website, I say it again; God in his prophetic word
in the Old Testament prophets says quite bluntly our LEADERS are MAD!!!

Wikileaks has leaked out just HOW MAD many of our so-called leaders have been, and 
how mad they are in scolding Wikileaks for leaking it all. You'd think someone like
the Clinton gal would be hanging her head in shame and announcing the shame of it
all as the USA and Briatin stood by watching and recording the horrid tortures, then
promising this would be CHANGED and never again allowed while on their watch.

All of this news from Wikileaks shows how MAD, MAD, and how SICK, SICK we have become
while under the solgan "In God We Trust."

All this makes me not only sick at heart but ANGRY, angry, and MORE angry!!

It's just another example of how SICK we have become as we walk away from the God
in whom we declare we trust.

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