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Monsanto and your Health

Heading down needs to be!

This was sent to me today Saturday October 23rd 2010
Thought is was important enough to post here on Meltdown

Keith Hunt

GOOD NEWS – Evil Monsanto Finally Reaping Its Just Desserts

Posted By Dr. Mercola | October 23 2010 | 

Since the 1980s, Monsanto has become the world leader in genetic modification of seeds, 
ucceeding in at least 674 biotechnology patents, more than any other company -- and they 
showed no signs of stopping … until now.
It seems Monsanto's glory days may be coming to an end, which is a refreshing turnaround 
from last December, when Forbes declared this evil corporation "company of the year" -- 
for reasons that truly boggle the mind.
Now, the tide is turning, and as the Times pointed out, signs are suggesting that Monsanto's 
"winning streak" is over:
Monsanto's newest genetically modified (GM) product, SmartStax corn, provides no greater 
yields than older products, despite being more expensive 

Weeds are growing resistant to Monsanto's Roundup 

The Justice Department is investigating Monsanto for possible antitrust violations
Already, shares of Monsanto's stock have fallen 42 percent since January, and earnings 
for the fiscal year are expected to be well under projections.
To say this news makes me overjoyed is an understatement, as this company represents 
one of the biggest threats to your future health, and that of the planet.

Monsanto Monstrosities Swept Under the Rug
Why is Monsanto top on my hit list of evil corporations? Here is just a short list of 
the many improprieties and outright crimes committed by Monsanto:
Suing small farmers for patent infringement after Monsanto's GM seeds spread wildly 
into surrounding farmers' fields, contaminating their conventional crops 
Secretly discharging PCB-laden toxic waste into an Alabama creek, and dumping millions 
of pounds of PCBs into open-pit landfills for decades after PCBs were banned in the US 
for being a possible carcinogen. 
Being found guilty of bribery to bypass Indonesian law requiring an environmental 
assessment review for its genetically engineered cotton. 
Last year, the supreme court of France found Monsanto guilty of falsely advertising 
its herbicide Roundup as "biodegradable" and "environmentally friendly." Scientific 
evaluation discovered that glyphosate, the active ingredient in RoundUp, is acutely 
toxic to fish and birds and can kill beneficial insects and soil organisms that 
maintain ecological balance. Additionally, the surfactant ingredient in Roundup is 
more acutely toxic than glyphosate itself, and the combination of the two is even 
more toxic. 

In 2007, the South African Advertising Standards Authority also found Monsanto guilty 
of lying when advertising that "no negative reactions to Genetically Modified food 
have been reported." 

According to one EPA scientist, Monsanto doctored studies and covered-up dioxin 
contamination of a wide range of its products. She concluded that the company's 
behaviour constituted "a long pattern of fraud." 

In 1999, the New York Times exposed that Monsanto's PR firm, Burson Marsteller, 
had paid fake "pro-GMO" food demonstrators to counteract a group of anti-biotech 
protesters outside a Washington, DC FDA meeting.

This should give you a clue as to why I'm thrilled that Monsanto appears to be 
falling out of favor, at least in the stock market realm.

Be Warned: Monsanto Has People on the Inside

Despite their falling stock prices, I don't expect Monsanto to disappear from the 
radar. They will continue to produce as many genetically modified crops and 
chemicals as the world population will accept.
And they've got help at every turn, including from leaders in the U.S. government. 
Michael Taylor, a former vice president of public policy and chief lobbyist at 
Monsanto Company, is the deputy commissioner for foods at the U.S. Food and Drug 
Administration (FDA).
Who is Michael Taylor? He is the person who "oversaw the creation of GMO policy,
"according to Jeffrey Smith, the leading spokesperson on the dangers of GM foods. 
Smith continues:
"If GMOs are indeed responsible for massive sickness and death, then the individual 
who oversaw the FDA policy that facilitated their introduction holds a uniquely 
infamous role in human history. That person is Michael Taylor. He had been Monsanto's 
attorney before becoming policy chief at the FDA. Soon after, he became Monsanto's 
vice president and chief lobbyist."

The FDA policy being referred to is the 1992 GMO policy, which stated:

"The agency is not aware of any information showing that foods derived by these 
new methods [genetic engineering] differ from other foods in any meaningful or 
uniform way."
In reality, there was major concern among FDA scientists that GM foods were 
in fact different than natural foods, and that their creation could prompt 
unknown and unpredictable health problems.
Former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack, now the Secretary of Agriculture, is also 
widely regarded as a shill for biotech giants like Monsanto (he even reportedly 
often travels in Monsanto's jet). There are other less noticeable connections too, 
such as Sharon Long, a former member of Monsanto's board of directors who was 
part of Obama's scientific advisory team during the election/campaign.

Let's Really Give Monsanto the Boot

This could be the beginning of the end for Monsanto … if we can continue to 
drive the momentum that's forming against the creation and proliferation of 
genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
The first step you have already done, and that is to get informed. You can 
continue to spread the word further by sharing this article with your friends 
and family.
Next, hit Monsanto where it counts ... their bottom line. By boycotting all 
GM foods and instead supporting organic (and local) farmers who do not use 
Monsanto's GM seeds, you are using your wallet to make your opinions known.
Most people want to avoid GMOs but it is virtually impossible to do so, since 
the government prevents GMO labeling.
However, Jeffery Smith has compiled a resource for you to avoid the government 
block of information. It is the free Non-GMO Shopping Guide. We realize that 
with the challenging economy it is very difficult for many to donate money to 
help this cause, so we are merely asking for your time and connections with 
your family and friends.
You can really help by making this message go viral. So if you are convinced 
that GMO foods should not be in the US, please send this information to everyone 
you know; post it on Facebook and Twitter…
You can also print out the Non-GMO Shopping Guide and give it to your friends 
and family.
If you feel more ambitious you can also order the Non-GMO Shopping Tips 
brochure in bulk, and bring them to the grocery stores in your area. 
Talk to the owner or manager and get permission to post them in their store.
October is Non-GMO Month! Here's How to Get Involved …

There are a number of different ways for you to get actively involved during 
Non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) Month … which may as well be called 
Non-Monsanto Month, too, given that they're the leader in the GMO industry. 
Here is a list of Action Item for you to pick and choose from:
Distribute WIDELY the Non-GMO Shopping Guide to help you identify and avoid 
foods with GMOs. Remember to look for products (including organic products) 
that feature the Non-GMO Project Verified Seal to be sure that at-risk 
ingredients have been tested for GMO content.
Download the Non-GMO Shopping Tips brochure and keep it with you whenever 
you shop, or download the free iPhone application that is available in the 
iTunes store. You can find it by searching for ShopNoGMO in the applications. 

You can also order the Non-GMO Shopping Tips brochure in bulk and give it 
to your family and friends.
Urge food manufacturers to join the Non-GMO Project and become Non-GMO 
Project Verified. This is currently the only way for manufacturers to get 
around the fact that there's no GM-labeling system.
Urge your local food retailers to join the Non-GMO Project's Supporting 
Retailer Program.
If your budget allows support this urgent mission by generously donating 
to the Institute of Responsible Technology.
Bring the film Hidden Dangers in Kid's Meals to your local access TV station, 
or perhaps your child's school, along with someeducational material specifically 
designed for teachers and educators.
Share Your Milk on Drugs - Just Say No!, and Jeffrey's lecture, Everything You Have 
to Know About Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods with everyone you know. 
Post them to your Facebook page, or email the links to your network of friends 
and family.
Join the Non-GMO Project on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.

Together, We Control the Future of Our Food

Please join us in this important campaign. Do as much or as little as you can. 
Maybe you can't make a donation to IRT, but you can distribute 20 Non-GMO shopping 
guides to your closest family and friends.
Plus, all orders placed through, starting October 6th, will receive 
a FREE, printed 16-page Non-GMO Shopping Guide.*

Please, support this urgent mission by donating to the Institute of Responsible 
Technology, a non-profit organization.
Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can reach the tipping point 
and push GMOs out of our food supply.

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