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Time for Love!

Stories that bring Health


I just love nice/good/beautiful/true/inspiring LOVE stories on 
the movie screen. I do collect them. There are different types 
of love stories, not just the typical boy meets girl. And sometimes
love comes hard, with effort, with cost. Sometimes love does not
always end the way you would like it to. It may leave you sad at
the end but the love as it went along, raises you up. Love is
a beautiful emotion that indeed does have your body filled with
good vibrations as they say, with healthy bits of whatever it is
that flows through your blood and into all your tissues of the
body. Love flow is to me like relaxing in a hot tub with just a
gentle working of the hot-tub jets - it makes you feel good, yet
not just a feel but it does actual produce health to your body.

I'll share some of the "love" movies I had - if you've not seen
some of them, then give yourself a health bath, and see them.

The last one I've just watch is "Bright Star" a Jane Campion film. 
The true story of the love between John Keats (the now famous romanic 
poet of the 19th century) and the girsl next door - Fanny Browne. 
A beautiful acted job by Abbie Cornish as Fanny and Ben Whishaw as 
John Keats. It's what true love between man and women should be. 
It's a sad ending as Keats dies at age 25. The acting scene when 
the news is brought to Fanny that John has just died, is one of the 
greatest acting  performances of being heart-broken and breaking down 
with crying emotions, I've ever seen by anyone on film.

Some of the movie critics exclaim: "Sweeps you up on waves of ravishing 
romance" - "Bright Star is one of the most deeply moving romance films
in memory" - "Seductive Pleasure" - "Sumptuously photographed love story"

Away from Her - a film by Sarah Polley. A movie about true love and
the terrible pain of the Alzheimer's desease. 

Dear John - a 2010 movie - very nice and well acted. Love brought them
together. Will fate tear them apart. It has a twist in it that you do
not expect, hence makes the movie even more lovely.

Captain Corell's Mandolin - goes back to 2000 - Nicolas Cage and a
new star on the movie set for that time - Penelope Cruz. 

Ice Castles - the new version with Taylor Firth and Rob Mayes.
Take your chance. Find your strength. Live your dream.

Walk the Line - yes the life story of Johnny Cash and the love
of his life June Carter. Superb acting by Joaquin Phoenix and Reese 
Witherspoon. "The music is great, the drama is great, the writing
is great, the performances are great. I love it" - Roger Ebert

Patch Adams - Robin Williams at his best. A true story of an
amazing doctor.

The Natural - Robert Redford, one of his best roles. A love story
around baseball. 

Message in a Bottle - Kevin Costner  - goes back to 1999 production.
"A radiant romance of sweet surprises and tender feelings. Beautifully
acted" - David Sheeham, CBS-TV

Eight Below - a true story of a man and his 8 sled dogs stranded
in the Antarctica - everyone in the family will love this one.

My Sister's Keeper - from the director of "The Notebook" (another
wonderful love story film) - all the family should see this one.

Miss Potter - the true love story of Beatrix Potter (famed writer
of "The Tale of Peter Rabbit") and her publisher.
"A Beautiful and Enchanting movie" - Mike La Salle, San Francisco 

A Bear Named Winnie - a true story of friendship between the Canadian
soldier and the bear that inspired the beloved A.A. Milne character.
The whole family will love this one.

Mr.Magorium's Wonder Emporium - Dustin Hoffman and Natalie Portman.
A love story of sorts - the whole family will love this one.

Hachi - the true story of love between a man and a dog. Richard Gere 
acts as the man who finds a lost Akita puppy. The true story took 
place in Japan. The movie adapts it to the USA. Another love story 
for the whole family.

I will bring you more wonderful love story movies down the road.

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