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Living 7 years Longer!!

Simple but Hard - for many


It has now been extensively proved and tested. If you want to live
about 7 years longer than you otherwise might - you must EAT LESS!!

Just that simple. It matters not what foods you eat or do not eat -
to extend your chances of living about 7 years longer DO NOT EAT
AS MUCH - EAT LESS!! Test after test has shown from people who were
willing to eat less than their normal amount (being overweight, 
slim and trim, tall or short - the same difference) all kinds of
signs in the body went into better gear.

Now this is just ONE thing to do for better health and a longer life.
There are of course many other laws of health mentioned in different 
studies on this Website. All must be obeyed and made part of your 
lifestyle if you desire good health and a longer life than you would
have by breaking the laws of health as a way of life. 

So eat less; and by the way FASTING for a half day or full day here or 
there in the month, is good for you, and helps you to eat less also.

IN THE WOMB - more important than you ever thought!!

I will bring a two or three part study on the most up-to-date findings
and research on the baby in the womb, and how health or ill-health
can be passed into the DNA of that baby. Sounds science-fiction right?
But many scientists were shocked themselves to discover the research
results. It puts a whole new light on genetics and DNA and the baby in 
the womb.

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