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Underground History Making Escape!

The "Social Network" movie



October 12 and 13 2010 will go in the history books as the longest
underground rescue ever up to this date. 33 miners in Chile trapped
underground for 69/70 days, in a gold and copper mine, about 2,000
feet below the surface of the earth, were finally brought up, one by one,
in a small one man cage through a small one man drilled hole. The world
has been watching for 69 and 70 days, praying and holding its breath so 
to speak, that this amazing rescue would bring them all back to the
surface. It was a modern masterpiece of extraordinary proportions. It 
was the longest time anyone has lived underground and been rescued.
It is amazing that ALL miners survived and all are alive today, and
back with their loved ones.
As many news reports have said, there is so much sad happenings to have
to report that happen around the earth, it seems on a daily basis, that
to be able to report such a wonderful rescue and all lives saved, it
makes for a rejoicing party of celebration indeed.
Modern technology together with the will of the mind of man, can do
some amazing things. We can make what looks like disaster, sorrow, 
and death, into victory.

So do not count man out when it comes to other things that need to be
answered and put right, such as climate change, poverty, starvation, 
pollution, rebuilding in Hatti (after the massive earthquake) and Pakistan
(after the massive floods), and all other things of the physical type
that need to be addressed by the human race. It is truly amazing what
mankind can do when it has the will of mind to do it.

Yes, it feels good to have something to rejoice over - victory over
a situation that could have ended in death. Let us rejoice and give
God the praise for what man is able to accomplish.

Well, it seems it has been around forever - Facebook that is. But it 
has only been about 6/7 years since some men came up with the idea
and brought about what is now a worldwide, common and daily part of 
life for millions of people around the earth.

The movie "Social Network" tells you the story behind it all. A story
that has ups and downs, turns, and a lot of infighting. The young guy 
who ends up with it all became the youngest Billionaire ever.

Yes, Facebook and its development or evolution will be with us now forever,
well to the end of this age. Like all things on the Internet today, it
can be used for good or for bad. Let's pray the good will out-number
the bad by the cart loads.

Yes, I would recommend the movie "Social Network" be a part of your family
library for your OLDER children to see how Facebook became reality.

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