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Last Great Feast 2010

The White Throne Resurrection

It is the Last Great Feast day of 2010. We are here at a cabin by a lake in the outback of some 
rough and tumble land in Idaho, about one hour from the West entrance to the Yellowstone National Park.
We did the North end of the Park on a warm and sunny day, and arrived back at the cabin for the evening of the Last Feast.
This octave day or 8th day as it is called in the book of Leviticus chapter 23, is as we have shown in other studies,
and independent Feast of its own. The Feast of Tabernacles in 7 days in duration, and the 8th day, or the day following 
that Feast is the Last Great Feast - a Feast in its own rights.
As we traveled the North end of Yellowstone we saw quiet beauty of creation, and at Mammoth Hot Springs 
where we stopped to eat, there was the peaceful mingling of an elk herd right down town with people and machines 
of the human world.
It reminded me of the wonderful age of the Last Great Feast, when the whole world will have peace and comfort
in the last age before the new heavens and new earth come into being. The warm sun shining on this day reminded me 
of the warmth of the sunshine of God's Holy Spirit, that we move forth to the billions of human beings who will be raised 
in a resurrection to physical life, and be given their chance of salvation.
For indeed billions have lived on this earth through the past ages that never knew the ONLY name by which you can be saved - 
Jesus Christ (Acts 4:12). There is only ONE DOOR to the sheepfold - there is ONLY ONE shepherd that can lead 
through that door into eternal life, and that is the man called Jesus Christ, who now sits on the right hand of the Father.
The New Testament and Jesus in the Gospels, makes it abundantly clear that salvation - eternal life, can only come 
through accepting Jesus as personal Savior. It makes no difference what kind of a person you were while on earth -
good or bad, as the world looks at you. If you never knew about Jesus and you never accepted Him as your Savior, 
you can NOT have eternal, immortal life. It is just that simple.
Many - billions, have lived and died never having Jesus Christ explained to them, or being taught the Bible.

They are NOT lost! They were never CALLED! Stop right now and read Romans chapter 9 through 11. 
There it is - simple to understand - people must be called by God - they are spiritually BLINDED until called. 
For the great majority, there is no calling in this lifetime. If you have not done so, you need to study my study called 
"The Great White Throne Judgment" on this Website.

The beauty of the earth is breath-taking. Here at Yellowstone Park In Wyoming, and the Teton National Park - 
together make for a wonder on this physical earth.
To see everything this area holds you would need a couple of weeks. They have done a wonderful job on the roadways, 
and the area at Old Faithful is now made for the tourists. Some who knew it in the 1960s may not like the 
modern look, but time moves on, the world gets smaller as people travel all over the earth. I believe what they 
have done is good and the guided tours and informative lectures you can attend is super to know all the details 
of this wonder of Yellowstone Park. 

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