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Feast of Taberacles 2010

The future peace and joy and rest

It was a sunny day to fly to Denver and then on to Idaho Falls to join the Chapman family to 
observe the feast of Tabernacles. 
The flights were smooth , on time, and without a hitch. 
We were staying in a cabin about an hour way from Idaho Falls. It was out in the wilds, 
but at a nice small lake - peaceful and very conducive for a relaxed, meditative, Feast. 
The weather was sunny and warm, around the 80 F.for every day. 
The trees were turning their gold-yellow-red color, the sun shining on the yellow leaves made 
them an especially a warm sight.
We settled in for the weekly Sabbath and enjoyed a nice lakeside Bible reading and 
spiritual talking. Tara and I talked about  the "ministry" and I told her about a few individuals 
(that she knew of from the recent Internet) I knew and spent time with them  in their homes 
during the summer of 1982. I told her they were going off into "strange" ideas even back then,
 let alone as to  what they say and write today. We talked about there being every far out 
teaching and "date setting" for the end time tribulation  and Christ's coming that you could imagine, 
on Youtube etc. With the free Internet and Youtube every Tom, Dick and Harry;  every Molly, 
May and Sally, can get on and throw out their wild and often crazy and illogical ideas on the end times.
Sunday was time to visit part of the wonderful Yellowstone National Park as well as the Teton Park 
south of Yellowstone.
 I has driven through Yellowstone Park way back in in the middle 1960s and stopped to see "Old Faithful" - 
it was quite different then, a single road, a small lodge and you just stood by a rail to wait and watch 
Old Faithful blow its top.
 Back then there were about 6 cars and a about 10 people. We were on out way to observe the feast
 of Tabernacles at that time. 
What 45 years has done. All the buildings now around Old Faithful, truly like night and day in comparison. 
I was not expecting to  see all there is there now, and the people, for the last week of September - 
there were hundreds. Ah the modern world has come  to Old Faithful, and it does not know it. The Lodge 
today is one impressive wooden building - huge indeed, with hotel, restaurant,  ice-cream bar, stack-bar, 
and large center four sided fireplace.
All done in the same original style of the first 1903 lodge. The old beautiful wood beams makes it a 
unique slight. Yes Old Faithful  is  now world famous, and has moved into the world of tourism in one 
mighty big way. 
Certainly Yellowstone Park is one of the wonders of the world.
A very enjoyable Feast of  Tabernacles, a picture of the peace, the rest, the salvation of God, 
a time of the nations learning  war no more. An age when the law and the commandments of God 
will go forth from Zion, when Christ Jesus will be Lord and King over all the earth - the Kingdom of God 
established on earth forever more.

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