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Wall Street guys Pay themselves!

Atheists on the Band-wagon!


                       ATHEIST ADS MAY COME YOUR WAY

January 30th 2009. One of the CRAZIEST announcement was made
today on the news, the Wall Street guys are paying themselves
bonuses into the Billions of dollars. You talk about crime and
evil and sin PILED on top of evil, sins, and corruption. This is
one example of it. President Obama made out he is not pleased,
but will he step in to force these corrupt and dumb Wall Street
guys to not only not be given these bonuses, but to see that some
of them get the riches they have taken away, get some jail time,
and get put on the unemployment list. I doubt he will have the
courage to make sure this happens.
As one news cast-said, these fellows put the world into recession
and now they want to pay themselves for doing it! Utterly mind-
blowing! Just un-believable! What a mixed-up value society we
have today.

The atheist ads on buses in Britain saying "There may be no God -
so get on with life and joy it" may come your way. They are
planning to introduce such ads in North America. As the USA is
still much more "religious" than Britain (who have only about 3%
of their population attending church on a regular basis) the
atheists may be in for a fight from the religious right. But the
fact is that more people each year in the West are becoming none
religious, or atheists, so we will no doubt hear and see more of
this as time goes on, just as we have seen the increase in
"sexual orientation" is a matter of choice rise up to be a vocal
part of our society, as well as "abortion on demand" so we will
see the "atheist voice" being broadcast all over the place.

Should not be surprising per se, as we in the West have more and
more thrown God, the Bible, and the commandments of the Lord, out
the window, and have indeed embraced an atheistic mind-set in
most of what we do, with the "religious few" on the side-lines of
the game of life.

So indeed what we sow we shall reap. We are reaping some of the
effects of sin and corruption right now with a global recession,
brought about over the last 20 years or so, from corrupt and "no
laws" playing on the financial Wall Street free-for-all game.

So with all our troubles it is no shocking surprise either that
people will for a number of hours tomorrow, at least in North
America, forget their troubles and party, party, and more party,
over the Super Bowl (Sunday January 31st) to be played in Tampa,
Florida. They will for a while drown their woes in their beer.
But life in the real world will hit them again between the eyes
come Monday morning.


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