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Love, Hate, and Propaganda

The Rise to World War Two


You may have seen many films and movies about the Great Second
World War. But I guarantee you have never seen it from the
perspective of the new CBC documentary series called "Love, Hate,
and Propaganda."

You will see actual movies and photos etc. of how this great
war came to be. It will reveal things to you that most information
on the Second World War has never quite in this manner, revealed
to you. 

For your education and especially for your family home library
you should obtain this DVD called "Love, Hate, and Propaganda."
It is 6 hours of facinating history that will blow you away (pun 
not intended) on what led up to and what went on during the most
horrible war the world has ever experienced up to this time.

On the back of disc one:

Episode 1: The 1930's: THE STRONGMEN

The Strongmen is the story of Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini,
Joseph Stalin and Emperor Hirohito of Japan. Each employed
propaganda in his own way to gain absolute control over their
citizens. In Italy, the face of fascism is that of Benito
Mussolini, a colorful performer and a brutal thug who counts 
Hitler as his friend and ally. In Russia, Joseph Stalin's 
insistence on total devotion would range from the horrific to 
the tragic-comic. And in Japan, Emperor Hirohito is seen as
a demi-god, able to protect his people from all outside threats.

Episode 2: 1939-1940: SELLING WAR

When Adolf Hitler begins his campaign in 1939, most Germans
actually don't want war. But Hitler and his propaganda minister
Joseph Goebbels use every tool of propaganda to change their minds.
It is the beginning of the Nazi campaign of genocide. Hitler's
despotism would have its admirers in France and even in far-away
Japan. But in 1940 Hitler and Goebbels would also discover just
how far they can push the German people before SOME begin to ask

This is a series of DVD's you need to see and yes have in your 
personal library. For those like myself you were born either
during that war or after that war, this is a most revealing and sad
aspect of human nature and how it can be dominated and controlled
by love, and hate, and propaganda. The Second World War as never 
been seen before.
Some of the scenes shown, if without words spoken by the narrator,
you would think was a modern scene from people going bonkers at
a "rock concert" of today. Do you remember how the scenes were
when the "Beatles" invaded the USA, or when Elvis performed in
the early days of his rise to fame. But these are not scenes from
Beatle concerts or Elvis performances - these are scenes from
the youth and adults of people screaming and crying and going 
wild over Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, and in Japan over their might
and undefeated power in making war.

They say if we do not learn from history, we are bound to repeat
history. It is so true. And from Bible prophecy we can know that
we will, sometime in the future, repeat, even more so, what was
the love, hate, and propaganda, of yesterday. If you want to see
what the future holds for us as we love, hate, and use propaganda,
then make sure you buy this DVD set. Make sure your children are
educated in the human carnality of love, hate, and propaganda.

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