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Meditation on Atonement

Only way to Repentance!


I'm meditating on this Feast day of Atonement 2010. I'm thinking
about the nations of the world, our nations of the Western world.
I'm thinking about prophecy, what it says and why it says it.

Now it is true that if a nation REPENTS of its sins and turns to
righteousness and back to the true God of the universe, the
prophecies of punishment against that nation need not come to pass.
We have the example of Jonah being sent to Nineveh and the Assyrian
Empire, as in the book of Jonah.
It could be that some of the leaders of God think this is still
possible for our nations of the West - that is repentance and hence
the prophecies against us not coming to fulfillment.

I believe this is no longer the case. We have gone passed the point
of return. Our nations will NOT repent and avoid the punishment
portended for us in the prophetic books of the Old Testament, and
also the book of Revelation, for the entire world.

Let's meditate as to why.

We will start with the teaching and belief of the majority of the
people of the Western world - EVOLUTION!
It is now given on the radio, TV, in our schools and Universities, as
FACT, no longer a theory! You hear it talked about as if anyone
differing as to it being a fact, has to be in the dark ages of
modern education and science. Most of our people in the West are
NOT religious - they are SECULAR, and the secular population and
education systems teach evolution as FACT not theory. The only way
those masses of people will change their mind is to have to experience
all the horrid things that the prophets foretell, as well as what is
written in the book of Revelation. ON this ONE POINT alone we have
gone over the line to NO returning. We have thrown God and the Bible
out of the window, and we shall NEVER return to that God and His word
until all in the prophets has come to pass.
Think now, if any leader of the West would declare we were going back to
creation teaching, to the God of the Bible, to having the Bible in our
schools, to building our entire life around God and His word; there
would be riots, marches, a back-lash that the leader and those with
him/her could NEVER put down. It would be IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to
ever bring about that move. ONLY being flat on the ground with our
faces in the mud, in a state of utter destruction and captivity to
our enemies, could ever bring us to REPENTANCE and a turning again to
God and His word.

This ONE fact of our evolution teaching and belief is all that is 
needed to show we have indeed gone over the line of no return, no
return in any human way that some humans would like to see (I'm 
thinking of the "tea party" people and the gal from Alaska - Palin)
could return our nations to serving the true God. Only a war of
destruction and captivity as foretold in the prophets will bring us
to humble repentance on a massive scale - for those still left alive.

Then how about SABBATH KEEPING? Turning back in repentance to God
involves turning back to the 4th commandment of the great ten -
Sabbath observing. The true Sabbath is the 7th day - Saturday -
there is nobody that could ever turn our nations back to keeping
the 7th day holy as nations. Even if you want to argue the Sabbath
is Sunday - there is nobody today that could turn our nations back
to keeping Sunday in some holy way. Just think a little - the business 
stores - the movie theaters - the sports pro games, etc. and etc.
It is beyond logic to think we as nations could ever return to
Sabbath keeping. We have gone over that line of no return until
we are in the mud, face down, and our enemies are jumping all over us.
It will take destruction and captivity to REPENT of Sabbath breaking.

How about FREE SEX? Anyone trying to turn our nations back to no sex
until marriage, and then no adultery when married, no "shacking up" and 
just living together as your hormones desire. There is NO WAY our
secular majority of people will ever return to obeying God's law on
sex and marriage until we are half dying in the mud of destruction
that the prophets have foretold will come upon us eventually.

Then we have gone over the line of no return on HOMOSEXUALITY and
LESBIANISM, and SAME SEX MARRIAGE. The USA has still some hold-out States 
but they are in time going to crumble as other nations of the West have 
There is no leader who will have the power to turn back the clock on this 
issue. Some of the religious right would like to, but it ain't going to 
happen. We are too secular to allow some relatively few religious people 
to turn the nations back to the truth on this matter.
ONLY what the prophets tell us will be our reward for our sins can turn
us back to serving the laws and commandments of God, and building our
homes, and schools, and all our society upon the word of the Lord.

It is the same for ABORTION ON DEMAND. There is no leader or party of
politics that will ever outlaw abortion on demand, and some nations
practice it far more than we do, like China. ONLY a world in utter
destruction as given in the book of Revelation will turn the nations
to repentance on this issue.

And so it can go on in our meditation. 

Yes, as nations of the West, we have stepped over the line of any one
person or group of persons (you name the "party") that will turn us back 
to serving the true God and living by every word He speaks.

We have now ONLY the sure fulfillment of all prophecy. All that the
prophets and the book of Revelation declares WILL COME TO PASS!!
I cannot tell you WHEN it will come to pass, but I can tell you

And so for our nations and the whole world of nations to be AT ONE with
God, is going to have to be a VERY PAINFUL experience. It will HAVE to
be the GREATEST time of tribulation the history of mankind has ever 
witnessed and experienced. We on this day of atonement as we are a
little discomforted by fasting (no drink - no food), are once more
reminded of the sacrifice that leads to REPENTANCE. And we are also
reminded of the GREATEST sacrifice - the sacrifice of the Lord God
that came as a human to shed His blood, to have that blood taken into
the very throne and mercy seat of God the Father, so we as individuals
can have PERSONAL salvation.

So think about what it will take for the salvation of the nations, and
what it took for YOUR salvation!

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