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Overview of the War in Iraq

Lead by Inexperienced men!


I only came across this DVD in this second week of August 2010.
I was looking through what educational movies the nearby BlockBuster 
Store had. 
I found NO END IN SIGHT. Made in 2007. It is truly an eye opener.

On the front it says:

The American Occupation of Iraq - The inside story from the ultimate

WINNER Special Jury Prize - Documentary 2007 Sundance Film Festival

On the back:

The first film of its kind to chronicle the reasons behind Iraq's 
descent into guerilla war, warlord rule, criminality and anarchy, 
"No End In Sight" is a jaw-dropping, insider's tale of wholesale 
incompetence, recklessness and venality. Based on over 200 hours 
of footage, the film provides a candid retelling of the events 
following the fall of Baghdad in 2003 by higheanking officials,
Iraqi civilians, American soldiers and prominent analysts. "No End
In Sight" examines the manner in which the principal errors of U.S.
policy - the use of insufficient troop levels, allowing the looting
of Baghdad, the purging of professionals from the Iraqi government 
and the disbanding of the Iraqi military - largely created the 
insurhency and chaos that engulf Iraq today.

It is truly shocking. And for the education of yourself and your
children in history studies that this first decade will reveal for
generations to come, I recommend you obtain this DVD.

It will show you in straight logic and revelation that the 3 guys
(Bush, Sheney, Rumsfeld) and one woman (Rice) were indeed not only
inexperienced in war and occupation of a land and people very
different than America. It will show you some others they employed
were just as inexperienced. It will show you those 4 people and a 
few others basically ignored the facts and the recommendations of
experienced military persons. It will clearly demonstrate, especially
in this war why God in His prophetic word says out leaders are "mad."

The Canadian nightly (Monday to Friday) of "As It Happens" (a very
popular news of all kinds program listened by many around the world
on "short wave" radio) the other night, for about 25 minutes interviewed
Tony Blair (who was partners with Bush in the Iraq war) the one time
Prime Minister of Britain (who just released his book on his life in
politics). The lady interviewer put some pretty straight shooting
questions to him about entering the Iraq war. For about 22 of those 
25 minutes he defending his decision. The interviewer did not back off,
she went at him with more shoot from the hip questions about the wisdom
of declaring war on Iraq. Blair defended, and defended, and defended still
more. Finally, yes after 22 minutes, he admitted the people with the 
opposite view of not invading Iraq HAVE A GOOD ARGUMENT!! He finally
admitted their argument is very good!! It took 22 minutes of tough
questions backed with facts from the interviewer to finally get the
guy to acknowledge the opposite view is very good. I was beginning
to think, "Gal (the interviewer) you ain't going to get this Blair
fellow to admit and give credit to the opposite view come hell or
high water." But he finally did.

Now remember get that DVD called NO END IN SIGHT!

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