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Detoxifying Your Body

Keep it Natural and Simple


by Rich Coupland

     It's an undisputable fact we live in a toxic world;
chemicals are all around us. They're in the air that we breathe,
the foods that we eat and the waters that we drink, bathe and
swim in. We can't become fanatical trying to avoid them, but we
can take strides in trying to cope with them.
     We should cut down on our meals from fast-food restaurants.
There's not much real food in these places. Eat more alkaline-
-forming foods (fresh fruits, raw vegetables, honey, etc.) and
less acidforming foods (processed foods, sugars, white flourbased
foods, sodas, pasteurized milk etc.). Use all natural products
form your toothpaste, soap, deodorant and shampoo, and makeup for
the gals. Chemical-free laundry detergent is good for both you
and the environment. Minimize the use of chemical-based household
cleaning products. Yes you will spend a few extra dollars on
these products, but your body is worth it!

     But even if we make a conscious effort with some of these
suggestions, chemicals are still going to invade our bodies. One
of the worst contaminants that most of us have been duped into
(myself included) is to have a dentist fill our teeth with
mercury amalgams. In the movie "The Beautiful Truth - Gerson
Cancer Cure", a tooth containing a mercury filling was shown to
be releasing vapours under phosphorescent lighting, even after
extraction. Enough mercury by the way, that if your mouth was a
factory it would shut down! (Vaccinations and aluminum cookware
are two other mercury sources to be avoided).
     All of these chemicals and toxins prevent our body from
functioning the way it was designed to. The walls of both our
small and large intestines (the colon) protect themselves from
toxic substances by secreting a mucous that forms a protective
layer. Normal bowel movements will flush this mucous away.
However when toxins continue to infect us, this protective layer
becomes thicker and harder, inhibiting our bodies' ability to
absorb valuable nutrients.
     Our colon plays an important role; it is the sewage and
waste disposal system in our body. When this system breaks down,
sickness and disease sets in. According to Dr. Bernard Jensen
D.C. in his book "The Doctor-Patient Handbook", "death begins in
the colon".
     Every part of the 5 to 6 foot long colon has an effect on
the different organs of your body. While the lungs, skin, kidneys
and liver also serve to eliminate toxins, once the colon is
cleansed, all other organs will be better able to do their jobs.
Your body will once again have the ability to heal itself of all
     So what are some of the different methods of ridding our
colons from all of these toxins? Well, here are some steps that
we can be doing for daily maintenance. 

* Drink lots of pure water throughout the day and evening.... 8
glasses is usually a recommended amount. 

(That has by most experts been changed to liquids per se. My Dad
for example is very health minded and has been since a teenager.
He has NEVER drunk 8 glasses of water per day - he has just had
his 90th birthday - August 26 2010. I have EXCELLENT health [been
studying health books since a teen] at age 68 and I have never
been on an 8 glasses of water per day diet. Nothing against it if
you want to do so, but nope do not believe you will live longer
or have better health. 8 glasses of liquid per day yes but it
does not have to be water for all those 8 glasses - Keith Hunt)

*Use your blender to make green smoothies (water and green
vegetables) or use your juicer to make a vegetable juice to jump
start each morning. Cilantro, kale and dandelion are all
excellent cleansers you can include in your juice. 

*Exercise is important .... try to fit a nice brisk walk into
your daily regime. Strengthening exercises are additionally good.

(Yes exercise is important, indeed so. I still do some of the
"Mr.Health and Strength" Charles Atlas strengthening exercises
each day. No contraptions needed, no weight-lifting, no expensive
gadgets to buy. You pit one muscle against another muscle or pull
muscles against each other., i.e. put your fingers together in
front of your stomach so arms are locked in front of you, and
pull apart without pulling apart. Mr. Atlas had all kinds of
these muscle against muscle exercises. You can invent your own.
Brisk walking is good; bike riding with no gears is good;
swimming is good; rebounding on those little rebounders you can
buy is also great exercise - Keith Hunt)

* And eat fiber rich organic foods, such as: fruits (apple, pear,
blackberries) vegetables (broccoli, spinach, Brussels sprouts)
and nuts (almonds, whole flaxseed, soynuts).

     For some toxins, such as lead and mercury, we sometimes need
a little extra help. One thing that I've recently begun adding to
my vegetable juice each morning is Bentonite clay, purchased from
my local health store. This clay traces its roots to volcanic
ash. Bentonite clay has the ability to absorb harmful toxins (the
clay contains negative ions, all toxins contain positive ions),
and carry them out of your system. The mineral zeolite is also
said to be very effective, and works in the same manner as the

     Some people go on a periodic colon cleanse that can last
anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks. This can be part of a maintenance
routine (once a year, every year). An all-natural juice fast is
one example. Juice supplies minerals, vitamins and enzymes that
aid in the cleansing process. The alkaline properties of juice
help to neutralize acidic conditions, from which many people
suffer. When juice fasting, most people experience an increase of
energy, as  their body is given a well deserved rest from
digesting the wide variety of foods and beverages often consumed

(Yes juice fast or raw natural milk fast for 2 or 3 days or more
is very beneficial for you - Keith Hunt)

     Others use colon cleansing as part of their treatment for an
ailment, sickness or disease.  These cleanses can last up to 3 

(Maybe if you are really in bad shape you can consider this but
check first with a natural-pathic doctor or your regular doctor
IF he/she is also a believer in a good natural lifestyle; most
regular doctors are only trained in "drugs" and "chemicals" -
Keith Hunt)

     Perhaps the best method  of cleansing your colon is to have 
a colonic, also known as colon irrigation or colon hydrotherapy.
Colonics can be thought of as a very powerful enema. Enemas have
been used since the days of the Ancient Egyptians, who believed
in the benefits of a clean bowel. Colonics are administered by
practitioners who believe in the merits of alternative medicine.
They are a safe and effective method of cleansing the colon by a
gentle flushing of purified water. This encourages waste to
remove itself from the walls of the colon. It also assists in
cleansing the other organs, including the liver. Therefore the
entire body benefits from the colonic. A treatment can last from
30 to 60 minutes, and usually 4 or 5 treatments are required for
a complete cleansing.

     Now your colon can begin to function again, just as it was
originally intended. In this sense, a colonic is a rejuvenation
treatment .... creating an overall well-being and good health in
your body.

From "Thy Kingdom Come" - September 2010 - a publication of The
Association of the Covenant People, Burnaby, B.C. Canada.


Well my Dad has never had one - he's 90 year old. He was over in
Britain when 85 and was in a clinic for a routine checkup. He saw
all these people hooked up to tubes lying on beds. The nurse
asked him if he's had a "washout" - he replied no. They had taken
a blood sample from him. The nurse went away, then came back and
asked again if he'd ever had a "washout" as they call it in
Britain. He replied he'd never had one. The nurse went away. A
few minutes later she returned and asked, "Are you sure Mr.Hunt
you have never had a washout?" My Dad asked if that was what all
those people there were having. She said it was. He told her
again he had never had a washout.
"Well Mr. Hunt," she went on to say, "we have NEVER EVER seen a
man of your age with such clean blood and arteries. What have you
been doing?"
"Ah well, let me tell you," my Dad responded, "25 years ago I
read about LECITHIN from an article in a paper by a doctor. He
said take one lecithin capsule a day and you will have clean
veins and arteries. I've been doing it ever since."

A good healthy diet, natural foods, organic if possible, plenty
of fruits and vegetables, beans and nuts, organic meat, whole
grain breads and flour, raw cow or goats milk, natural fruit
juices that most large grocery stores now carry. Some vitamin and
mineral supplements (my Dad and I have been on them all our
lives); 8 glasses of liquid a day; fasting (no food or liquid)
now and again for half to a full day; juice or milk fasting 2 to
5 days once or twice a year. And the all important exercise in
various forms. 

Do that and you should need no fancy .... whatever else and the
big money some spend on fancy .... well ... whatevers.

Keith Hunt

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