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Europe Violence and Trade Wars

Finding peaced in Stress and Hurry world



January 29th 2009. The unrest in Europe over the present world
economic drive and financial collapse around the world, has now
started to take a violent turn. Large demonstrations in various
Europe countries including Britain, are now turning into
violence, France just had a violent blow-up. People are getting
to the end of their rope. Many British now say workers from other
countries should not be allowed to take jobs away from British
citizens. Besides one house every 7 minutes in Britain being re-
possed, we have hundreds being laid off work every single day.
The great Beast power of tomorrow, as Europe will be one day, is
right now getting trampled on like the other once mighty powers
of the economic world.

The USA is contemplating bringing in a bill that could set up trade
walls, especially with Canada, its largest trading nation. If
iron and steel (giving Canada Billions of dollars a year) is
prevented from entering the USA from Canada, it could set off a
trade war between the USA and Canada, which would actually in the
long run be detrimental for both countries. I see the point the
USA is making, but a trade war between both countries would send
both nations through the bottom of the barrel, unless Obama wants
the USA to move back to hardly any trade with any other nation.
That would be a massive learning curve for the people in the USA
to become self-reliant on what only the USA can produce. Maybe
not impossible, but it would mean the USA people would have to
learn to live a much different life-style than they have since
the Second World War.

More huge companies are laying off - tens of thousands when all
is added up.

The Madoff guy, or as I call him MAD-OFF, who vanished 50
Billion, with a "B" over the last 20 years or so. Well they gave
today the Millions (some hundreds, some tens) lost by "charity"
organizations and/or foundations, through investing to Mad-off. 
Truly staggering it is! The USA special committee is
investigating the SECs department, wanting to know how their
safety-net organization could have for all those years,
overlooked the "ponzy" pyramid scheme that Madoff had created,
and how on earth he was never detected or investigated as to what
SOME had already seen as an "impossibility" that Madoff was doing
for investors.

The terrible winter over North America continues, a winter that
as an overall blast, has not been quite like this one for 100
years, being so wide-spread from East to West.

Times are crazy in so many ways today.

Oh the rage right now is the teaching of this man called Tolle.
Oprah has endorse his books, given him fame. He's basically a
"meditation" fellow, and tells people to stop, slow down, take
time in this hectic 21st century world to, to stop and smell the
roses. Now, for people who don't know if they and their family is
coming or going, hence stressed out and ready to enter the psych
ward of the hospital, I guess he's doing some good for them, so
some millions have accepted his teachings as the "new age wonder

Christians should not be living like the world, and they of all
people should have been stopping to smell the roses along the
way, and should have their lives less stressful and a much mellower
life. If yours is not, then time to take inventory with Jesus and
the Word of God for the balances to keep life ... well balanced!


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