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Anniversary of London Blitz

St.Paul's was Protected!


Today, September 7th 2010 marked the 70th year since Hitler
sent his bombing blitz to smash London, ready for his invasion.

The death and destruction was huge for the city of London. Day after 
day, night after night for months the blitz continued. The power of
the German bomb at the time was mighty for that time of the 20th
century. The number of bombs dropped..... well it is hard for the
natural human mind to figure how London and all its people were
not obliterated off the map. But they were not!
And among all that that bombing for so long a time, St.Pauls
Cathedral was NOT hit. Call it luck you may, but I say that church
building had a protective hand over it. The history goes that the
apostle Paul came to Britain and preached there in the area of what
is today London. I believe that history is correct, and because
the British people are from Joseph Israel, that Second World War
was not to be their destruction into captivity.
The facts recorded during that war tell us that thousands of people
in Britain believed that they were indeed British Israel, and the
churches were full. Winston Churchill was raised up, no doubt all
his life was a preparation, for the work of leading Britain and
the Commonwealth against the mad-dog Hitler and his clones. In 
many ways it was the bull-dog Churchill and his inspiring speeches
that gave the British the inspiration to fight the enemy. He was
it seems the only one of his time in Britain at least, that before
war was declared, told the British no "peace pact" could be negotiated
with Adolf Hitler, and that he was a mad-man out to rule the world.

As Churchill famously said in one speech, "Never was so much owed
by so many to so few." Without the help, the protective hand, the 
miracles from God, which probably included very bad mistakes at
times by Hitler .... without all that, the allies would have gone
down in defeat. 

It was NOT the war to punish and destroy the modern House of Israel.
It was the second of the three world wars to come on the earth in the
last days (Ezekiel 21:14). Israel is to have the sword DOUBLED the THIRD
time! Meaning the third and final world war will be so horrible, the
destruction upon Israel and Judah so great, that it will bring about
all that is written in the book of Revelation, lead to the battle of
Armageddon (Rev.16) and the glorious RETURN of Christ Jesus to rule
all nations of the earth (Rev.17 through 20).

All the prophecies of your Bible are fully expounded to you on this
Website and my sermons on Youtube.

The nations of Europe are in a "tighten your belt" - "cut the
costs" mode - strikes have taken place today in London and Paris
as people protest the cut-backs. No doubt many more protests
will happen before it's over. The average person cries out that
they were not to blame for the recent world meltdown. It was the
greedy, fraudulant, bankers and finance geeks on Wall Street and
around the world that were to blame for the world finance meltdown
of two years plus.

The USA is still in BIG TROUBLE - people still loosing their homes,
their jobs. The unemployment still near 10 percent. Obama is going
to have to put another 50 BILLION into "employment stimulous." He
is again promising jobs will be created. Now he promised that over 
a year ago, and supposedly threw in a huge stimulous package, but
where on earth has that money gone, where have the jobs been created,
jobs that were lasting; why has the unemployment figure remained so
high? The people are seeing that so far Obama has been all talk, all
promises, but no improvement in any meaningful effect for the masses
still out of work, and the loss of homes is still everywhere taking
It could well be YEARS before the USA gets back to being anywhere close 
to where it was a few year ago; it may never get back to that dream-boat 
bubble, that was after all just a dream-boat invention by crooked
finance fellows, who were really out to put the dream-boat invention
money into their own bank accounts. And for a few decades they got away 
with it all - the BIG SHORT as Michael Lewis called his latest book,
tells the gitty and dirty details of it all.

The plite in Pakinstan's flooding they say will effect 10 Million people 
before it is all over. More help is coming from the world at large, but
though they cry this is for the average person, who are the effected, not
the rich and famous and corrupt polititian, the nations of the world, or
the average person of the world, it seems is reluctant to give, give, give,
as they did for the Haitian earthquake disaster.

They are trying once again to figure out a "peace-deal" for the State of
Israel and the Palistinians...... no one is holding their breath anything
workable will make an appearance and stick around for any length of time.

Amongst all the bad news, near and far, between individuals and/or nations,
some good news, some inspiring stories, some love, kindness, helpfulness,
serving, giving, bravery, hero stories are out there. I hope your TV and 
Radio news programs are also giving you those newsworthy items. There are
lots of "good" people out there, some even willing to lay down their life 
for others (the police and firefighters do it all the time) - so remember
them in your prayers. 

To be continued from time to time

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