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Latest on Marijuana and Iraq pullout

Tony Blair publishes book

            Pain Killing Marijuana

               Iraq Pullout 

           Tony Blair publishes Book 

September 4th 2010

Any scientist worth his salt have to now admit that marijuana
does control chronic pain, and without side effects of other
powerful drugs that have been used in the past for chronic
pain suffers.
Canada is so far the only country in the WORLD that allows 
registered growers of marijuana to have such a business for
medical reasons, to serve and help those in chronic pain.
It is time that other countries got off their bias bums and
realized the good in the marijuana plant. Time for the bias
mentality of leaders in the USA to change their mindset
concering this very versatile plant. Tara Chapman has a study
on the marijuana plant on her Website. You and your children
should be educated on the many uses this plant and its brother/
sister plants could do for this world - it is truly an amazing

So Obama lived up to his promise of pulling out of Iraq. All the
news reports were careful, as Obama was careful, in saying the
word "victory" as Bush boy did only days after declaring war on Iraq.
The truth of the matter is of course, as Obama knows (and anyone
with an ounce of sense), the USA has no victory in Iraq. Iraq is
still in deep inner fighting, which will not end soon. The enemy
of the USA and the weak Iraq government will not go away. They
are fanatics that will remain fanatics till every one of them is
six feet under the ground. And such fanatic know how to raise 
other younger generations of fanatics - and the wheel keeps turning.

Over 4,000 USA troops were killed in this Iraq war. Thousands more
injured, physically and mentally!!
The cost in money terms for this war was in the BILLIONS!!   

I said at the outset of this war, that the USA (and Britain) could never
win such a war. The war was entered upon with false "so-called" proof
of "weapons of mass destruction" which were never found. A modern lesson
in the wrong reading of modern space-age technology from upon high, 
looking down upon earth.

As in all wars there is also the deaths of thousands of civilians. This
war was no different.

So it is supposedly over for the USA war machine, some are returning home, 
some will go on to another un-win-able war - the war in Afghanistan!

Safe-guarding ourselves against home attacks by fanatical terrorists is
the right thing to do; all the safeguards we can do on our home soil, as
indeed had been implemented since 9/11. But to think we could go off
and take the war to them on their home soil was the dumbest reasoning
of a mindset clouded by the smoke of "revenge" that only got thousands
more of our men and women killed, and billions of tax dollars spent on
a war that was a failure from the start.

Hence we move over to the Afghanistan war. Just about nobody is claiming
we are winning that war. I said again, years ago when this all started, it
was not possible to win such a war against such fanatics that hit and run.
We do not it seems learn from history. The USA won over Britain in the war 
of Independance because it did what it had to do to win - hit and run!
When the USA stood line upon line against the British line upon line,
it was nearly always defeat for the USA. The British were the masters of 
gentleman line upon line, I face you and you face me warfare.
The enemy in the hills of Afghanistan have been fighting such hit and run,
roadside-bombs, suicide blow-ups for DECADES! They defeated the might Russian
war machine that way. Such fanatics will not go away. Such fanatics know
how to bring forth and train a younger generation of fanatics. There is
no way you can win against a hit and run enemy. Thousands more of our
young people will yet die in the barren, dusty, just about nothing but
desert land of Afghanistan.
Securing our lands, using all the space-age technology we have to detect
the enemy from within, is one thing, the correct thing to do, but going
over into their land to fight them ..... a lost cause from the word go!
It is sad, very sad, that our leaders (who are supposed to be educated 
at some of the highest Universities in our lands) are so dumb in common
logic and the record of history, that they make such tragic errors of

Tony Blair (the once leader of Britain) has his book out. No there will not
be one sentance in the book where he will admit it was a mistake to go to
war in Iraq. In an interview with Canada's famous news guy Peter Mansbridge, 
he was asked some pretty blunt questions. One of course was going to war
in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the resultant deaths of thousands of our
military persons, as well as civilians. It was an answer of vageness ...
"....well we had to do something to the enemy....." He and Bush will go
to their graves never admitting it was a huge mistake to fight on the 
enemy's lands. 
Probably the best thing Blair did for Britain in his term in office, was 
standing up to the Queen when Diana died, and telling her what she and the
Royal family needed to do. Now in that situation he did have insight and 
common logic.

The floods in Pakistan continue to reap havoc. The world is slowly coming
to their help. With the corruptions in the Government of Pakistan, with
corruptions now about "fixing" and betting with their proud Pakistan
Cricket team, the world is skeptical as to how much giving will get to the
average person in need. But as one official said, "There are many world 
organizations that do use the funds and money given them, making sure it
all goes to those in need."
So the responsibility is for us to give to charity organizations that have
a track record of getting to the people in need.

The astonishing stat fact that was given last evening on Canadian TV ... it
blew me away. EVERY DAY in China there is at least 2,000 new cars going onto 
the roadways. That is TWO THOUSAND additional cars entering the streets and roads 
of China, EVERY DAY!! China has the highest sale of cars anywhere in the world.

Here's another "dumb" educated news item. There is very good results being
experienced by people who suffer from MS. They have their neck viens opened up,
if they need to be opened up, hence blood flow as it should be. Many people
around the world have had some great if not dramatic results and a decrease
in their MS simptoms. Many have been interviewed - the before and after type
The Canadian "educated" medical so-called experts have this week come out with
the recommendation that the Canadian Government does NOT give money to sponsor
clinical research on this procedure. To them there is no proof that it will
help people with MS, or it's too risky a procedure. You have people from around
the world that "before and after" stare them in the face with good results, and
these educated medical guys come out with such a statement - it blows my mind -
it once more tells me how un-educated the educated of the world are at times,
or how much POWER they still want to hold over people and it seems Governments, 
for the Canadian Government is going along with their recommendation. 
Such can be, as the apostle Paul said, "science, falsely so-called."

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