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Latest on Marijuana

New not as Old

                 Documentary on Marijuana

The CBC "Nature of Things" hosted by David Suzuki in August 2010
had a very interesting documentary on the subject of "marijuana."

Tara Chapman has a reasonable detailed article on the plant on her
Website. It covers a lot of truth about the plant that you may not
have heard or have investigated for yourself.

This latest documentary could be added to Tara's article as an "appendix"
for the revealing thing about the latest research on the "smoking" of
"pot" as it is often commonly called, was the fact near the end of the program,
is that today we have a "modern" marijuana - yes people have messed with it
to produce a plant in many ways different than the old plant of the famous
1960s pot smoking trip many "hippies" got into (and some not so hippie types).

The old plant was "balanced" in certain ways that the documentary brought
out, and a lot of the modern marijuana is not, hence making it much more
dangerous, especially for certain human types of people that are already
prone to certain chemical imbalances in their system already.

Yes, we live in a much more complicated world today, and what was once a
relatively harmless smoking of the leaves of a plant in the 1960s (certainly 
compared to the effects of tobacco plant smoking and alcohol abuse), is today
now not so simple a matter, but has much more likelihood to carry way more
danger than what science now calls the "old plant" in contrast to the 
"new plant" of marijuana.

So please keep this in mind if or when, you read the study by Tara Chapman
on the marijuana plant.

If you watched the news on this August 29th about New Orleans and the storm
Katrina (that hit 5 years ago to the day), you probably saw some of the
rebuilding of that city, some parts still in bad shape, still to be re-
built, and you saw the "music" men/women of New Orleans making a come back,
brightening up the spirits as they say.
But I've never seen mentioned in the news-casts I've seen (the popular
National TV casts) of that wicked and sinful street in the heart of down-town
New Orleans that I had the unexpected, unplanned, walk-down in the fall of 
1994 - at sunset - when all (and there was one after another) the open sex
entertainment "shows" were just getting started for the night. I had no idea
such so-called entertainment was allowed ANYWHERE in North America.
So New Orleans, at least back then, was NOT JUST the "good music town" of the
South. There was much EVIL (high crime and killings included) on the "dark side"
of this famous "jazz town." I wonder, if along with the music, this wickedness
has had a rebirth on that imfamous street?
If a reader knows for sure that it has, let me know, though it will be sad news
indeed to report to me. Please don't go out of your way to find out by literally
going there, I took the turn onto that street by mistake going back to my car,
and had no idea what I was going to find.

Seldom do huge sins of cities get into National News-casts - like for example:
Toronto is the second largest population of Homosexual/Lesbian people in North 
America next to San Francisco. Many of you may be surprised to hear that news.
Then again what was sin yesterday is now accepted as "freedom of choice" in
lifestyle and entertainment. 

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