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History to Remember

Martin Luther's Dream Comes

                 Historic Events Remembered

It was 47 years ago today - August 28th - Martin Luther King's speech
about having a dream was delivered to the masses in Washington and on
TV. Indeed today the USA person is not judged by his/her skin color but
by character, and so it should be. What is outward form or shape in 
comparison to inward character - not even close.

So we had the "tea party" on the same spot as King today - no political
signs - the party asked that people would not bring them. Everyone there
knew why they were there, and the speakers knew also - the cry is ....
well not in so many words but "back to God" is the foundation of the 
messages brought forth. 
Sarah P. was there. Yes, from the outdoors of Alaska gal, likeable for
that reason to be sure, for me, as an outdoors kinda guy. She no doubt
means well for the USA if she ever gets close to kingpin power, but putting
aside her likeability as one tough outdoors gal, she and the conservative 
"tea party" and the religious right ..... no they are not the answer to
the USA problems or getting the nation back to "serving God." The USA as
a nation of people have gone over the line of any DEEP repentance and a
reversal to serving the true God and living by His every word.

The nation, under whoever, will not deeply repent. The religious right
do not have the answer to saving the USA. All the Palin's in the world
do not have the answer. Our leaders will not seek out the true servants
of the Lord to find the true answers. They are in a deception as all
the world leaders are - religious or not religious.

There is pretty well no hope for our nations to avert the punishment
God has decreed on us through His prophets of the Bible.

But YOU can decide to seek and love the truth - to find true righteousness,
the true way to salvation, and how to be a part of the great first 
resurrection at the glorious coming of our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

You just need to study the salvation articles on this Website and be
determined to act upon the truth revealed to you. You can know the truth
- Jesus said so, and you can thereby be set free, as He also went on to
promise you.
Then you can have life, and as Christ said, have it MORE ABUNDANTLY!

It is the greatest JOY to know the truth, to know things about life and the
universe and the plan of God, that the most highly "educated" minds of the
world simply do not know. You can have the MIND of Christ (Phil.2:5) IN you!
Both the Father and Jesus will come and live in you IF you will but open the
door as they knock.

Tomorrow is the 5th anniversary of the mighty Katrina to hit New Orleans
and area. The city is still finding their way back to rebuilding and correcting
the mistakes of yesterday like the dykes that were not built to withstand
such a powerful storm. They showed the dykes being built today, that should
solve that problem in the future against such mighty storms.
I visited New Orleans in 1994 and by mistake, at sunset, went down a certain 
street of the town back to my car, and was SHOCKED beyong believe, at the
many (one after another) "sex shows" opening their doors - not "stipping"
shows but .... well much more than that (so you can figure what comes after
stripping shows), yes the whole bit. I had no idea the USA had any towns
where it was all done on stage for night time adult public entertainment, 
as they probably called it.
If anything needed to be wiped off the map of New Orleans it was that
particular street. Is it back there today and all its sin? I do not know,
but I do know such sins and moral destruction will be punished one day
in no uncertain terms.
The prophetic word of God pulls no punches in telling our nations about
our sins and wickedness, and the punishment we face eventually. When that
punishment comes it will make Katrina look like a Sunday afternoon picnic.

The world is answering the call of help from Pakistan. The floods are still
doing tremendous damage to land and to the thousands of people in the 
path of those floods. The Canadian Government is offering to "match" every
dollar given by its people to help those in Pakistan.

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