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Death of an Age!!

What Science has Found!

                 END OF AN AGE!!


There is no contradiction with true science and the Bible. Now, the
apostle Paul said there was a "science, falsely called so" - not
true science at all, but there is a true science, which the Bible
does not contradict.
While visiting my Dad this last week of August 2010, I happened to catch
on TV a documentary on the sudden obliterating of the dinosaur age, the
obliterating that was worldwide, on land, air, and sea.
Science has now for a few decades admitted that the dinosaur age did
come to a crashing dextinction - a violent worldwide extinction.
Now they say (could well be correct) there were LOCAL extinctions of
those creatures for various seasons at times (weather changes, deseases,
and etc.). But all scientists agree there was an event on earth that
killed life, worldwide life, on land, sea, and air - a SUDDEN DEATH!

Modern space-age technology has discovered a strata line, which they claim 
is a yellowish color (but whatever, the color is not important), and BELOW
this line of strata is the world of the once age of the dinosaurs. ABOVE
this strata line is OUR age - a complete different world BELOW and ABOVE
this strata line. Now there may have been "dinosaur" type creatures created
with man, which have now become extint - certain creatures mentioned in
the book of Job cannot be any creature we have today.

Modern space-age technology has discovered the outline in the earth's crust,
left by a 6 mile meteor - yes 6 miles in length, when one end hit the earth
the other end was over 30,000 feet away from earth, where the airline jets
fly. The meteor hit part on land of the top of South America and part in the
ocean. Space exray technology shows the crator outline - 160 miles in diamitor.

Science figures it was going at 40,000 miles an hour when it hit the earth. The
sound of the crash would have been heard no matter where you were on earth at 
the time.
Within seconds the atmosphere of earth would be toxic, spreading twice as fast 
as sound, rocks, trees, and animals/birds would within close distance, be vaporized.
They put it this way: it would be like ONE MILLION ATOMIC bombs exploding - one
million with an "M" - atomic bombs. And listen to this; the ocean wave created
by this meteor hit would have been THREE MILES HIGH!!  Yes, you read it correctly
- 3 miles high!!
Modern space age science says it would have killed creatures in the oceans as well
as land and air.
Now, the part they had IN-correct was that to them SOME creatures did survive. Of
course for them they had to so say as they continue with the "evolution" teaching.

The truth of the matter is that NOTHING - no creature of land, sea, or air, survived!
It was TOTAL obliteration for them. And the earth was covered with water - all over
it - not one spot of land was above the water - the planet was covered fully by
water. We have arrived at Genesis 1 verses 1 and 2.

The book of Isaiah tells us that God did not create this earth in a form of destruction. 
It was created to be inhabited. That life then, was the life of the dinosaur age. That age
could have been BILLIONS of years - we are not told how long that age was. 

We are told in the NT there was at some point a WAR in heaven - the being who became
Satan the Devil and one third of the angels (now demons) rebelled against God and His
angels and there was indeed "space war" - a war in the universe that the human mind
cannot comprehend, so mighty it was. Satan was allowed to throw (many) ONE GREAT
METEOR at earth which killed off that age - the age of the dinosaur - sudden and
violent destruction on earth that again the human mind cannot really comprehend
in the destruction that took place - try and figure in your mind ONE MILLION
atomic bombs going off in a matter of a few minutes.

This is when destruction was so huge it formed the gas and oil and coal and diamond
beds of the earth. This is when the STRATA of earth was formed and can be seen in
places like the Grand Canyon and the Canadian Rockies. This is when ALL LIFE, creatures,
insects, plants, birds, sea creatures, everything was killed, and the entire earth
was under WATER - Genesis 1:2. The GREAT flood was NOT at Noah's time, but was at a
point in the past, when we are brought in on that point in Genesis 1:2. How long
the earth was to remain under water is not told us - maybe that also was millions of 
years - we just do not know. We need to remember "time" with God is not as we humans
view time - a million years, a billion years to God is as nothing, in the time of

But there came a time when the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the deep and
God moved into His next plan - the greatest plan of creation in the entire universe.

God would create a world for MANKIND - a new world - and so we have Genesis chapters
2 and 3. A creation of a world for mankind. And mankind made in the very image of
God, after God's likeness. The Eternal Father and Son (as we call them today) would
start to REPRODUCE themselves - a creation unlike anything created before, a plan
of salvation for humns that even the angels desire to look into, as we are told in 
the NT. A creation that is ended by God the Father one day coming to dwell with His
very own sons/daughters on a new earth and new heaven, as Revelation 21 and 22
explain it for us.

Yes, science can prove there was a world before mankind - a world of the Dinosaurs.

Now we have the world of mankind since Genesis 1 and verse 3.

Then we shall have an age yet to come - the Kingdom of God on earth age, under
Christ Jesus, for 1,000 years, at His return, as all Bible prophecy shows.

Then we shall have the last age - God the Father on earth, a new earth, where the
God family will have their headquarters for all eternity - Revelation 21 and 22.

All of these truths are FULLY expounded for you in various studies on this Website.

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