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Space Control!

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                 SPACE CONTROL

August 21st 2010

Continuing first with more from the new CBC documentary "Love, Hate,
and Propaganda."

The propaganda over so-called D-Day in the Second Wold War is indeed
the other side of reality. As a kid growing up and seeing on film
the famous D-Day I often wondered who on earth in their right mind
planned and called for a D-Day. To me it seemed like the craziest mass
battle charge that ever was. You had thousands of troops that were sure 
to be mowed down as they charged the beatches against the Germans. Of 
course Germans would die by the hundreds also. As a kid I figured there 
had to be better way to gain victory over the Germans. And I still
main that is so today.
What is not told you (except in such documentaries as noted above) is that 
20,000 CIVILIANS were killed in that D-Day invasion!! 
14,000 Canadian troops took part - 1,000 were killed! You can bet many 
from Britain and the USA also died, and other allied countries. It was
a move, an invasion that even the dumbest mind of the day would have seen
was going to cost thousands of lives, and thousands of injuries, from minor
to severe.
Germany was being blow to bits by air bombs; the Russians were moving in.
At least with air bombs (such as the Germans did to London) you had the
sound of horns to give you a chance to "get below" and safety. D-Day to
me was a senseless move done by "sit-behind-the-desk" war guys playing
war games on paper. Then again I can understand the natural mind of guys 
going into a plane and fighting it out one on one so to speak, or two large 
or small armies coming across the hill or down into the valley to "fight
it out" - more one on one type battles. I can understand the mind of
salors going to sea and "duking it out" with an enemy ship - more one on 
one war type fighting. All very horrible, as recorded history informs us
in no uncertain way.
But, I cannot understand the mind that will, by the command of another
mind of man, move onto beaches, in the wide open, to face machine guns
and know you have a good chance of being killed, as a sitting duck to the
enemy. Call me what you like, but I do not have that kind of "patriotism" 
to human governments. From the human point of view, speaking carnally,
I may be willing to fight and die in a basic equal one on one battle, but
to be sent off to run up a beach in the wide open and face machine guns -
my patriotism ends.
D-Day was NOT anything to be proud of - it was a callous war game played 
by callous minds, who knew they were sending thousands to sure death, and
what is not told you 20,000 civilians in that move. The Second World War
could have been won by the Allies and Russia without a D-Day! The truth
of the matter was that Russia was moving across Europe and Russia alone
would have defeated the Germans as the Germans stood at that time. Of course 
that would have meant Russia would have had all Europe - something the Allies 
could not allow.

Another mind-blowing event from the above documentary was the fact of a
Hitler "getto" town. The Red-Cross wanted to be allowed to see first hand 
that all the stories about "German Nazi" atrosities were all false prop-
aganda stories, and just not true. So the Nazi fellows had some of the
adults and children literally "act out" in "nice looking" areas, that life
was good, life was pleasant, life was kinda normal (as normal life in 
Briatin or the USA) under the Nazi government. It was all window dressing,
people looking happy, smiling, kids playing in play grounds etc. The Nazi
goons took the Red-Cross on a pre-arranged tour route, wow everything
looked great to them. It was Nazi propaganda! And the then silly Red-Cross
officials FELL FOR IT!! They went home and wrote up glowing stories of how
nice it was under Nazi rule. If they had looked BEHIND the painted walls
and painted smiles of adults and children, they would have seen the HORROR
that was going on in that getto. There was starvation, death, sickness, and
MANY people knew was the reality of the beastly mad-minded Nazi goons
government. The Red-Cross fell for the oldest propaganda trick in history -
paint the rotting wood wagon on the outside, and the paint will cover up and
deceive what is going on, on the inside. Oh this happened in ..... not 1939, 
not 1940, or 41,42,43 .... but in 1944!!!
You talk about the DUMB minds of some organizations during the Second World War,
and this has to be up near the top of the list!

The flooding in Pakistan is now history making for that nation. It seems, despite
cries for help from that Government, most of the world is NOT ready to throw
out millions or billions of either money or physical materials. I guess the world
nations could change their mind, but so far they have not.

It is now a literal undeniable fact - life in our blue planet oceans is in BIG
TROUBLES!! The "stats" over the last 60 years prove it without any question. The
facts are in as they say, and the facts are not good news. More CO2 in the air, and 
so more in the water, and so more and more troubles for ocean life - less oxygen -
more death - more migrations as life in the seas seek for more oxygen.

Barefoot running is the latest fad, or maybe "science" as barefoot runners would
claim it is. Some give remarkable health stories as to what barefoot running has
done for them. Now you can buy a barefoot type running footwear, kinda like a hand 
and glove idea - the thin hand forming gloves that is. Time will tell I guess if
the science behind barefoot running is the cat's meow for long distance runners or
joggers - many doing it say it is.

CBC had a very interesting documentary on the other night. It concerns the ever
popular move to "bike riding." Yes, from children to adults, from the blue collar
worker to the CEO to the office working to .... well everyone! You have two facts -
car use in cities etc. is exploding, bike riding in cities etc. is exploding.
Some of the present realities for bike riders: 12 times more likely to be killed on
a bike than driving a car, and separate bike lanes slow in coming - it's very costly
for cities to have just bike lanes. Motorists do not like bike lanes just added to
the present roads - it means more cars and more bikes to get in each others way. 
Can the auto and bike live together? Well in Amsterdam they do! Biking there is as 
natural was walking. You have bikes by the thousands, and every type you can imagine,
from the fold-up type to the car looking bike. 
Public bikes are now in 100 cities worldwide. You pay your fee, swipe your card, and
you have a public bike for ex minutes or ex distance. All kinds of public bike stations
of course in such cities where public bikes are found. Then you have the people who
"fix" or repare the bikes - hundreds of them having to maintain in good shape all these
public bikes. Paris, France, has bike lanes and public bikes - very popular they say.
Can public bikes make it in North America? Well .... Montreal of all places (with usual
snowy and cold winters) is going "public bike" and they have built better and stronger
bikes than those in Paris. London, New York, Toronto, are watching to see how successful
the Montreal public bike project will be for the long run.
Yep, I have my bike, but for once a week pleasure riding into the park nearby. Wow, if
bikes make a big comeback, maybe we will eventually return to the horse and buggy!

CBC been showing some great documentaries lately. This week was one on the "behind-
the-scenes" look at the USA military space project and future plans. Did you know that
the USA has BLOCKED for decades the "no arms in space" world document. As one insider
said, it's silly really for if the USA thinks it can be the big kid on the street with
they only having space weapons, it is a pipe dream. If the USA does it, so will Russia, 
so will China, so will North Korea and etc. Iran has just shot up its latest in rockets
and has opened its first nuclear plant. Japan has cancelled its idea of no space war
Now listen to this. One fellow (actually they interviewed more than one) said we have
so much "space junk" up there now, from the size of a pea to a car, and as we throw up 
more this or that, we create more space juke, that it is not into the far distance, we'll
have so much space junk flying around the planet that it will become impossible to
send ANYTHING up without it being hit by space junk, and a pea size junk going at 
15,000 miles an hour can do tremendous damage.
But the USA marches on in secret to most of us, to be the space war masters, which it 
never will be. But that's how dumb some of the minds of our leaders are. Unless we
figure out how to blow away the space junk, we soon ain't going to be able to send
up anything into space, let alone space-war-machines.

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