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Those Under Hitler!!

The ideology drinking


Although enough can never be said about the insanity of Hitler as 
you and many have pointed out. But when I read the accounts I am much 
more disturbed how others acted. Hitler was a single human being. Put 
his shorts on like anyone else. What I find more repulsive than a 
madman being mad is all the so called normal people. With the trials 
that took place after the war with many of the Generals and SS 
officers being convicted and executed for their part because they did 
not refuse the orders in the execution of innocents I find more 
repulsive than Hitler and those complicit with the "final solution" are 
the everyday run of the mill citizens of the countries of Europe. I 
find this same spirit today that is not aimed only at Jews but 
Westerners in general particularly of the US today. A spirit that was 
present during the rounding up of Jews and the like to be executed by 
the hundreds and thousands. Street by street country by country 
these people men women and children were rounded up and stripped of 
their personal property and their clothing on their backs while the 
citizens of the townships willingly gave them up to be murdered. This 
Keith is what is more troubling to me then men as Hitler and his 
henchmen. You and I could witness the behavior again if God so chooses 
to have us witness these things. I do believe God will be merciful to 
many of the righteous that do live today and have them sleep before the 
disaster comes. There will be those who will witness this tribulation 
like no other and when I think of how brutal it was how can one be worse 
than before? It just is hard to phantom. The book I have is from 
the Holocaust museum in Washington, DC and it gives the accounts of 
how this all began before it got to the extermination camps. I see 
a pattern unfolding today against those who are Christians and 
people are saying that persecution isn't here today do not understand 
how these things unfold little by little until day by day erosion 
of freedom is accomplished legally in bits an pieces. My point is we 
are further down the track than we may realize. Becoming desensitized 
over long periods of time leaves us numb to what is going on. Abortion, 
Gay rights, and other evils continue to mount and we hardy blink an eye 
to these things today. Even those of the Church of God are reserve 
in what they say for fear of persecution. Indeed God needs to find 
two that can speak without fear. Perhaps that is all he will 

Later, Lynn

Yes, as you watch the films of those years leading up to and including
the World War that was started by Hitler, as you see the smiles on the
faces of the SS men, other military generals of Hitler, and indeed
far far too many of the average person and average German soldier, you
see the great deception that they really thought they were as it were
doing the work of the Lord, doing something noble and right for the 
world. I guess it must have been so, otherwise there would have been no
German army to fight and bring in worldwide peace and the "good life"
albeit German style, with no Jews around, or anyone else for that matter
who did not endorse the German mind-set of Hitler and his clones.

Such will be the end time Great Tribulation, a massive mind-set of
deception and delusion, and sad to say, done in the name of God, thinking
they are doing God a service. How great can be the deceptions of the 
human heart, but as Jesus said, deception would be so great that IF it
was possible even the very elect would be deceived (Mat.24). But the
elect cannot be deceived, they love the truth (as opposed to those who 
do not - 2 Thes.2), and so the Spirit of the Lord will lead into all
truth (John 16:7-15).

Keith Hunt

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