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Cancer Treatments

Right or Wrong?


by Rick Coupland

Some months I'm not sure what I'm going to write about, until I
sit down at the key board. This month, I didn't have that
problem. Sadly, one of my colleagues passed away. I've worked
with Terry (Theresa) for nearly 25 years, she was retire at the
end of this semester. The doctors tell us she died of cancer; I
believe she died from her treatments. In my view, there is
nothing more barbaric than today's methods of fighting this
terrible disease.
It is because of cancer that I first started reading about
alternative ways of beating diseases. (If I had my way, natural
cures would be called medicine, and all drugs would be called
alternatives). Back in the mid 1980s, I lost both my Dad and
sister to cancer, within 3 months of each other. My Mom is a
breast cancer survivor. My sister worked as a medical secretary
and believed that the only way to beat cancer was with
chemotherapy and radiation. She was sick for nearly 2 years, and
went through pure hell for nearly all of that time.

It may come as a surprise for you to know there have always been
treatments for cancer that have had a very high success rate.
They all involve natural methods, such as herbs and vitamins. A
common saying is  "all of these cures make sense, but not
dollars." The treatment of cancer in America today is a
multi-billion dollar industry.

One of the better known cancer treatments is Essiac. The
popularity of this herbal remedy began in the early 1900s. While
we have to be careful nowadays what we label as a cure, (don't
want any lawsuits), many people have touted it as such. Its
origin can be traced back to an Ojibwa herbalist, and consists of
4 herbs: sheep sorrel, burdock root, rhubarb root and slippery
elm bark. However it was a Canadian nurse that made it famous.
Her name was Rene Caisse .... Essiac is her name spelled
backwards. Working out of Bracebridge, Ontario, she was known to
have helped and cured hundreds of cancer patients from all across
Canada and the U.S. Even those diagnosed with incurable types of
cancer lived longer than they were expected to, free of pain ....
some continuing on to live full lives.

But just like today, Nurse Caiss was battling the medical
community for the right to continue with her practice. Even with
a petition of 55,000 signatures, and over 38 patients and ex-
patients as witnesses, the Ontario government voted against
legalizing Essiac as a cure for cancer. She was only allowed to
administer her treatments if her patients had medical
certificates, and these weren't always easy to obtain.
There are other cancer treatments with similar stories; the
Gerson therapy, the Hoxley therapy, and laetrile, just to name a
few. All share the frustrations of being labelled quackery,
despite countless testimonies claiming otherwise.

Essiac did have the backing of some very influential people. Dr.
Charles A. Brusch, at one time the personal physician to
President John F. Kennedy, worked with Nurse Caisse from 1959 to
1962. After ten years of research, he concluded, "Essiac is a
cure for cancer, period. All studies done at laboratories in the
United States and Canada support this conclusion." And Dr.
Frederick Banting, of insulin fame and a winner of a Nobel Prize,
stated: "Miss Caisse, I will not say you have a cure for cancer,
but you have more evidence of a beneficial treatment for cancer
than anyone in he world."

Incidentally, when my Dad got cancer, he tried to get him on
Essiac. The way for him to obtain it was through his medical
doctor. His doctor wanted him to begin chemotherapy instead, to
which my Dad refused. Eventually, after many frustrating
attempts, the "sympathetic" doctor finally gave in, and the first
shipment of Essiac arrived .... one week after his death.

Nowadays chemotherapy and radiation are the two most popular
cancer treatments. Rather than boosting the immune system, the
purpose of chemotherapy is to destroy cancer cells by keeping
the cells from further multiplying. Unfortunately, healthy cells
can also be (and usually are) destroyed.

Here is a quote from the Internet website on
the number #1 chemotherapy drug tamoxifen. "Tamoxifen is among
the best-selling anticancer drugs in the world. Tamoxifen is not
harmless or non-toxic supplement. It is a powerful and
unpredictable agent, with complex and little understood effects
on the body's hormonal balance. The drug itself causes
endometrial cancer and cancer of the liver in animals." And one
more quote from the same website: "The drug industry controls the
cancer field, through their domination of virtually every single
cancer research and treatment institution. Thousands of top
cancer researchers around the world are on the payroll of a dozen
drug companies, and these same drug company executives sit on the
Boards of major cancer centers. They also dominate the major
oncology organizations. Patients need to know about the dirty
politics of the cancer industry!"

There is a small newspaper published where I live, to which a
pharmacist contributes a weekly column. To her credit, she does
promote vitamins, supplements and healthy living. But naturally
she also talks about drugs. In one article on cancer, she warns
not to take vitamin C when on chemotherapy. Her reasoning ....
vitamin C builds and strengthens cells, which may prevent
chemotherapy from destroying as many cells as possible. Now I'm
not a medical doctor, but wouldn't you want your body to be
strengthened .... not destroyed?

Update: Some readers may recall I wrote an article in the Feb,
2010 TKC about a lady fighting a losing battle with cancer. She
was told back in December that the doctors had done everything
they could for her, and at best she had 3 months to live. Well
I'm not saying she has beat this terrible disease, but I am
pleased to say 7 months later, after no chemotherapy but lots of
juicing, vitamin C and other good foods, that she is very much
alive and well!!!

Taken from "Thy Kingdom Come" - August 2012 - a publication of
The Association of the Covenant People, Burnaby, B.C. Canada


While there is much truth in the above article, we need to keep
in mind that people still die from cancer while under "natural"
cure methods, just as some do beat it and live. Then remember
some still die while under "medical doctor" methods of cancer
treatment, but some under the same program do beat it and live.

To try and promote the idea that the medical world is very wrong
in combating cancer, while "natural" methods are the answer, is
also very wrong. Every human being is unique and what works for
one does not automatically mean it works for everyone. There are
enough deaths on both sides of the argument to prove that fact,
and anyone trying to prove otherwise is surely putting their head
in the sand and not facing reality.

It is sad to find, as I have over the last 40 years, that many,
far too many people, in the religious world, get UN-balanced or
close their minds to the facts before them.

My dear friend Jesse (whose Website is on this Website, and was a
co-worker with me in the Gospel of the Lord) fought cancer for
two years in EVERY WAY possible, but she still died from it.
There is life and there is death in fighting cancer, no matter
which way you decide to fight it. There are dozens of cancers,
each one in a sense unique to that body, for each human body is
unique, and will respond in its unique way. The medical world is
not all bad, it has much good. The so-called "natural" world is
not all good, it has bad also (as they say "too much of a good
thing can kill you" - take too much of this vitamin and you get
problems, just as too little will give you problems. The seamen
of 3 and 4 hundred years ago died of "scurvy" - too little
vitamin C. The English carried limes and sucked on them to
prevent scurvy, that was how the English became known as

BALANCE and LOGIC is often thrown out the window when people
become "religious" - don't let that happen to you.

Keith Hunt

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