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Red Wine and Lecithin

To stay Clean and Lean in old age


January 24th 2009. Some revelation on the Canadian news tonight.
A few scientists have discovered the stuff in red wine that can
have French people eating way more fatty things than North
American people, yet with fewer heart and colostral troubles. It
is called "resveratrol." They have pretty well proved it keeps
you younger and healthier into old age. They will be marketing it
as a "health supplement" - available to the general public in
about 5 years. Now the pill will have so much "resveratrol" in it
that you'd have to drink 2 thousand bottles of red wine a DAY, to
get the equivalent.

Also with all of this is the fact that "lean" is the cool thing
as you get older, you know that Clint Eastwood look. Leave out
the "mean" but look "lean."

Well, you do not have to wait for "resveratrol" to come on the
market. It has been known and taught (well in health circles) for
30 years that if you take one Lecithin tablet a day, you will
keep your pipes clean and lean.

My Dad read about this some 25 years ago. Been taking lecithin
daily ever since. So he goes in for a check-up to the Hospital.
They are going to do a "clean out" on him. He sees all these
people laying down with tubes stuck in them. The nurse does a
test of some kind on him. She comes out after a while and says,
"Mr.Hunt, have you had a clean out before?" My Dad says, "No, I
have not." She disappears for a while, then comes out again
asking, "Are you sure you have not had a clean out?" My Dad says,
"I do not know what you are talking about. Is this what these
people here are having?" She tells him yes it is. Off she goes
again. Comes out a third time and once more says, "You are quite
sure you have never had a clean out." My Dad replies, "Yes, of
course I'm quite sure." "Well," the nurse says, "we have NEVER
EVER seen a man at your age of 85 with such CLEAN arteries and
veins. What have you done?" My Dad then told her about what he
had read about lecithin 25 years ago, and he's just taken one a
day ever since. Otherwise his diet is quite normal, as normal as
the average person.

Yep, my Dad told me about lecithin many years back. I've been
taking one a day ever since also.

There's your "health tips" for the day.


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