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Love/Hate and Propaganda!

The horrors of WW2!


I was watching this last week of July 2010 a documentary by CBC
on a small part of "Love/Hate and Propaganda of WW2." Oh the countless
books and/or documentaries that could be published on World War Two. 
It would probably take many years to read and learn all about the
love the hate and the propaganda concerning the Second World War.
What this documentary did was focus on a small part of it all.
Two bright brothers - Warner Brothers (yes the Hollywood film makers,
who were Jews) - as soon as Hitler came to power in Germany in 1933, they
were busy making hollywood movies denouncing the evil of Hitler, telling
the West what he had planned for the Jews and the world. It was Winston 
Churchill on the other side of the Atlantic, in Britain shouting the same 
massage to the British - Hitler was a mad dog who was wanting to rule the 
world and show that the Arian race was the classy race while other races were
"also ran" and some were not worthy of running at all, but to be wiped
off the face of the earth.
The naive and senseless leaders of Britain and the USA through that decade 
of the 1930s laughed at Warner Brothers and Churchill. But the laugh would 
soon be turned to a white face of shock. How could so many in public office
be so WRONG! It was a disgrace to their so-called "education." Why the USA
were so stuck with their heades in the sand, it took Pearl Harbor before
they got the picture, that some nations were out to obliterate them.
Jews had been busy for 3 year by then facing extinction at the hands of 
Hitler and his clones. Jews had been writing love letters to mothers and 
fathers, to children, as they became separated and lost from each other,
some of those letters remain.
Hitler and the Nazi machine invaded France and had it under their feet.
Propaganda on billboards, in news-papers, everywhere .... France was drowning 
in it, the Nazi empire was made out to be the savior of the world. Many
French uper-crust sided into the propaganda. One night the Nazi order came 
through - round up Jews, any age Jew - babies to adults - in the middle
of the night. Children separated from parents. Children hauled away as cattle
in the rail-cars. Eye-witness accounts have written about it all. Far too many 
French serving the dictates of Hitler and the Nazi police. Instead of standing
strong even to death, they bent their back and complied with German orders.
Those children arrived and went to the gas chambers immediately, so did most
of their mothers and fathers. What a HUGE BLACK STAIN on the history of  
the French. To be fair, many French resisted and helped the Jews, as secretly 
as they could. Yet the whole episode is a STAIN on modern French history.

We were shown in this documentary some of the speaches given by top officials
in the Hitler mad-dog house. Thousands of other top people and regular people,
all in a frenzy, wanting war, wanting to be the master race, bringing peace
German Hitler style - getting up, throwing up their arm, shouting and screaming 
approval by the thousands, agreed in a frenzy with the propaganda of Germany's just
war on the world - agreeing they would win the fight over the "less" races of the 
world, and bring in a kingdom age of peace and perfectness, German Hitler style.

Hitler made his move on Russia - they were winning - it was hailed in Germany 
and France, well .... more propaganda. But the tide turned on the Germans, and
soon it was the Russian army and the Russian winter that was killing off the
Germans like flies. Hitler had underestimated the Russian winter, with no food,
bitter cold, the Germans put up the white flag. Yet back in Germany and France
the Germans were winning, so the propaganda was telling everyone. But in time
the real facts came forth, and Germany and Hitler were humiliated in frozen 
defeat. It was the start of the end for the Hitler empire. While Hitler lived
on hate the Allies lived on love - love defeating the proud, vain, big-headed
and cruel Nazi power, who were facing defeat in North Africa, and on the home
front, their cities smashed to the ground from the bombs of the allies. While 
the mad dog Japan war machine was also facing defeat. The holy Roman Empire 
under Hitler and Musileni was cracking  apart, and beginning to be obliterated 
by the Allied bombing. Where they wanted to crush the world they were themsleves
being crushed. And would you  believe while all this was going on, the propaganda 
from Germany was still shouting out they were marching on to victory. Such can be 
the deception of the mad mind.

Where the French failed, they need to be ASHAMED of that history. Where the average 
French fought back against Germany, needs to be honored. That war for France was 
indeed bitter-sweet.

Oh I'm sure such stories will fill many books on the history of the Second 
World war.
It was sickening to watch that documentary, and I'm sure many more could be produced
telling the aweful and also the inspiring lives of many as they faced those six
terrible years.
It was terrible that millions of Jews were systematically put to death under Hitler,
millions of allied soldiers died in battle, and we also need to remember that 25 to
30 millions Soviet Russians lost their lives fighting and as a result of this crazed
Hitler man wanting to rule the world. 
You can understand from this WHY the Soviet power CARVED up Europe and ruled it with
a hammer of iron for decades. They had in mind that Europe and Germany would NOT rise 
again for many generations, if ever, while our sweet selves were busy rebuilding Germany 
through the "Marshall plan" and giving them back self-governing power, and today
Germany stands as the spear-head of political and economical power in a United Europe.

All this clearly shows that the context of Bible verses given by some churches to
say we are to honor, respect, obey, the kings and governors of nations, does have a 
a full in-depth study on this Website called "An important key - General Statements."
You need to study it, it is a key to correct Bible understanding. Yes, indeed we are
to pray for political leaders, to REPENT! To have a mind of love, humility, to make
sure laws of nations are just, pure, righteous. And the bottom line is that Christians
are to obey GOD before man (Act.5:29). We are to stand up and be counted! We are to
cry aloud and spare not, we are to show "my people" God says, "their sins" (Isa.58:1
and the rest of that chapter). And that friends may include denouncing the sins and
evil of world leaders. The often used verse of "speak evil of no man" (Titus 3:2)
is a classic example of people not studying deep enough to find the REAL truth of
this verse. You need to look at Barnes' Bible Commentary, or go to my expounding
of Titus in my "New Testament Bible Story" on this Website.

As bad as all this was, we are yet to face the greatest time of trouble ever to come 
on the nations of earth. In Mattew 24; Mark 13; Luke 12; it is the "greatest time of 
trouble" this earth has ever since.

You need to be watching, getting understanding of Bible prophetic messages.
You can know what lies ahead - I lay it all out for on on this Website.
You just have to open up your Bible and take the time to study the prophecies
of the Lord.

The Lord has said He will do othing but that He will first reveal it to His 
faiful servants - then the end of this age will come and those that have their lamps
burning to see the light and truth, who remain faithful to the end, will rise into

The resurrection is what we aim for, being will Him, when all evil and sin will be gone

Lord, thy Kingdom come, so thy will can be done on earth as it is in heaven.


Keith Hunt


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