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Bible and Civil Authorities?

Proof texting and common Logic


Here is an article from "The Bible Advocate" of July/August 2010
that is a classic example of taking verses of the Bible out of
the context of the Bible, and out of common logic. The CoG7day
has not by any means been the only church organization to do so
on this subject, many other church organizations, past and
present, are guilty of making this mistake on this topic. I will
comment as we go - Keith Hunt

The Bible and Civil authority

by Calvin Burrell

Freedom of speech: It's a quintessential liberty of Americans and
citizens in most other democracies on Earth.
We were born with the constitutional right to criticize our
leaders, and we exercise it to the hilt! But in demeaning those
we have elected to represent us in government, do we also demean

What do the Bible writers and teachers say about the attitudes
and actions of God's people toward local, state/provincial, and
national officials? Let's see.

By direct instruction or command:

* From Moses: "You shall not ... curse a ruler of your people"
(Exodus 22:28).

My answer:

Israel was God's chosen nation, under faithful service to Him
there would be good, wise, righteous rulers. Cursing such would
indeed be unrighteous.
But put this into the context of Germany under Hitler or any mad
dog ruler of other nations in history, and the context of Moses'
teaching does not fit such a context. Common logic should tell
you it does not - Keith Hunt

* From Solomon: "Do not curse the king, even in your thought"
(Ecclesiastes 10:20).

My answer:

The context of the Bible would be the context of what Moses
taught as above. Common logic would tell you this instruction of
Solomon CANNOT apply to a leader such as Hitler or any mad dog
leader of the same clan - Keith Hunt

* From Jesus: "Render ... to Caesar the things that are Caesar's"
(Matthew 22:21).

My answer:

Jesus was obviously within the context of the Bible, talking
about such powers as the Roman empire that was allowing the Jews
to observe their religion, keep their Temple and its daily
rituals, observe the Sabbath and Feasts of the Lord, as history
clearly shows, as the NT clearly shows. Such powers over you, you
are to respect and laws they impose that do not contradict God's
laws, you are to obey, even then tax laws. But such laws as China
has that say a family can only have ONE child and the others are
to be aborted through government abortion laws, violate God's
laws and hence you do not render unto Caesar that which is
Caesar's. It is the principle of Peter being told not to preach
in the name of Jesus and he replied we are to obey God before man
(Acts 5:29) - Keith Hunt

* From Paul: "Let every soul be subject to the governing
authorities.... supplications, prayers, intercessions and giving
of thanks [should] be made for all men, for kings and all who are
in authority.... be subject to rulers and authorities ... speak
evil of no one ..." (Romans 13:1-7; 1 Timothy 2:1, 2; Titus 3:1,

My answer:

First Acts 5:29 is still valid - God's word does not contradict
itself. Certainly you can pray for rulers, many of them need
prayers, to be wise, kind, good, to have righteous laws etc. You
can give thanks to all men when they do what is righteous and
good and honorable. You can be subject to their laws when those
laws do not violate God's laws (Acts 5:29). You do not "blaspheme
or calumniate" against anyone. It is to do with false statements,
see Barnes' Bible Commentary on Titus 3:1-2. 
None of this instruction by Paul can apply 100 percent in all
rulerships in any period of history. You could NOT possibly apply
all quoted above to the mad dog Hitler or his understudies - it
would be common ILLOGIC to try and do so - Keith Hunt

* From Peter: "Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for
the Lord's sake, whether to the king as supreme, or to governors
... Honor the king (1 Peter 2:13,14,17).

My answer:

Peter was not contradicting himself here with Acts 5:29. You give
respect and honor to those who deserve respect and honor. The
Roman rulers in Peter's day were allowing the Jews and Christians
to practice their religion, the NT clearly shows that. All the
Roman authorities wanted in return was that they be peaceful
citizens of the Roman Empire, which at times the Jews were not
willing to be, and brought death upon themselves. You logically
could never apply this instruction to Hitler and his laws and
rules and mad killings; neither could you apply it to Hitler's
clones in various mad dog rulerships - Keith Hunt

By example or indirect instruction:

* Even among the heathen, it is God who sets up kings and
dethrones them (Daniel 2:21). David refused to harm or speak
against disobedient King Saul. To do so would have been to
stretch out his hand (or tongue) against the Lord's anointed (1
Samuel 24).

My answer:

God does not appoint every ruler and king of every nation, in
every age of history. God is not in the most part into the
"politics" of this world. Logic would tell you that - God did not
appoint Hitler and his clones. So what does Daniel 2 mean? It
means God is always the ruler of the universe. He can step in at
any time to appoint or dethrone anyone. He reserves the right to
always be the most powerful person in the universe. He stepped in
during Daniel's life in Babylon and showed He was still the ruler
of the universe and any part of it, any time He chose.
God is not generally into the politics of this world. He was not
the one who appointed Hitler to rule the German nation nor do the
evil that came from the hands of this mad dog ruler.
David knew that Saul WAS appointed by God. Saul started out
converted, but messed up big time; I've covered that fact in
another study on this Website. Saul was God's appointed, the
truth and evidence of that God made fully clear, hence David was
not going to let but God remove Saul from being king. There was
NO doubt about all this fact. But to use that example to apply
generally to all, is illogical, as you would then have to apply
it to Hitler - and that would be indeed mad dog logic - Keith

* By seeking the welfare of even pagan nations, the welfare of
God's people may be safeguarded (Jeremiah 29:7). Joseph and
Daniel respectfully served ungodly heads of state in Egypt and

My answer:

Yes, when God had a plan in mind for His purpose and for His
doing; He can step in and use His leaders to instruct and serve
and lead pagan nations into light and truth. This does not alter
the fact that God mostly lets pagan nations go their own way,
most of the time. Hitler was allowed to do his evil on the world;
it does not mean we are to respect a Hitler, think good thoughts
about them, only say good about them, bow down to their crazy
insane laws and rulership. Such would be Christian madness that
would be as bad as the madness of Hitler - Keith Hunt

* Under Pilate, Herod, and Caesar's rule, Jesus uttered scarcely
a word of personal criticism - except His reference to Herod as a
"fox" (Luke 13:32). And Paul apologized for his harsh response to
an erring Sanhedrin leader (Acts 23:1-5), recalling the law that
said, "You shall not speak evil of a ruler of your people." This
implies that our criticism even of ungodly authorities should be

My answer:

The Roman power was very kind to the Jews to leave them in peace
and with their religion, if they would only live in peace with
Rome. Paul was respecting a law in Israel. There is no indication
that that ruler was mad or insane or not trying to do what was
right. Hence when Paul learned he was a ruler in Israel (with no
proof he was evil) he followed the law.
This does NOT imply that we should restrain our thoughts and
language towards an authority like Hitler. Many a person was
killed for speaking openly about the evil of Hitler and his
followers. Many had to run for their lives for telling the truth
about such evil. Evil is evil - some sins are OPEN and clearly to
be seen. Such was the power under Hitler - he was EVIL and there
was no doubt about it. The Christian is to stand up and be
counted, to voice, publish, proclaim in words and deeds (many hid
Jews in their homes etc. during the reign of Hitler), and NOT
HOLD BACK to denounce evil when it is right under your steps, in
your town, in your country. It is EVIL for Obama to support
"abortion on demand" and I will give criticism openly to him for
his ungodliness in this matter - Keith Hunt

But tradition grants us the right, seen by some as duty, of
denouncing elected officials who displease us and of complaining
against those who serve the public. Should we not, in this
matter, obey God rather than man?

My answer:

If the shoe fits - wear it! Evil - Sin - is always evil and sin,
no matter who says it is not. John the baptist denounced a king
for his sin, and it got him beheaded! Let's read all the Bible!
Let's not "proof text" for it will surely lead us into false
ideas and teachings. Let's not take verse out of the context of
the Bible. Let's not forsake just good old common logic. Let's
put square pegs into square holes and not trying putting square
pegs into round holes - Keith Hunt

Four of the last five U.S. Presidents - two from each political
party - have been roundly despised and constantly attacked during
their terms of office. Christians should ask themselves whether
such politics-as-usual reflects the true Spirit of Christ and of

My answer:

Sin is always sin! Evil is always evil! Bad judgment is always
bad judgment. Why even Hilory Clinton condemned her husband for
"bad judgement" as President in the affair with the young lady in
the oval office. Sin and evil and bad judgment should never be
hushed up or swept under the rug, be it coming from secular
leaders or religious leaders. The Christian is to have the wisdom
to know WHEN and HOW and in WHAT MANNER to denounce
unrighteousness, no matter who it comes from - Keith Hunt 

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