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Deaths from Afghan war!

World record for heat!



In the months of June 2010 there were 60 USA troops killed
in the war in Afghanastan. The most for any month of the
9 year old war.
I said at the start of this war that you cannot beat an
enemy that uses hit and run warfare, uses hidden roadside bombs, 
or suicide bomb tactics.
The USA had 32 suicide deaths by soldiers or ex soldiers in the 
month of June, the highest again for any one month of the 9 year
Of course the USA and other Western nations had to beef up homeland
security and spy-networks etc. to combat the fanatical enemy of the
9/11 attacks. But going to war in Iraq and Afghanastan was NOT the 
solution. Such a silly and illogical mistake by then buddies Bush
(of the USA) and Blair (of the UK) and others, has cost many more
deaths and untold suffering, that books yet to be written and pub-
lished on this long war, will amplify in the future.

Russia/USA/Canada/Asia/North Africa/Europe/ are under a present heat-wave
that so far is the warmest year since records have been kept.

BP cap for the oil in the Mexico Gulf is working to a large extent, but
only the relief wells will solve the long term problem - they will not 
be in place until the middle of August, at the eariest.

A Bronze life-size statue of the greatest Thoroughbred race horse in history
has been unvieled, with the famous jockey Wolf riding it. Pollock was the
rider of Seabiscuit for all but the one “match race” against War Admiral, 
which the Biscuit won. Pollock had smashed his leg in a horse accident and
had his friend Wolf ride for him. Both men were from Alberta, Canada. 
The life size bronze cost $150,000 and stands in the Alberta town from
where Wolf came from. The modern movie on Seabiscuit was great, the book
from which it was taken, by Laura Hillenbrand (2001) is even greater.
No race horse has ever done what Seabiscuit did in his racing life - he
was one of those race horses of a century.

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