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The "Pianist" movie

Spain and Netherlands for FIFA cup

                    THE "PIANIST" AND

                  WORLD CUP SOCCER ... AND

Into July 2010.

I had heard of the movie "Pianist" (aTVA Film release about 2002)
but never did see it, until the last few days.

My what a true life story of Polish Jew Wladyslaw Szpilman, as
the back cover says, "a celebrated composer and brilliant
pianist, who witnessed the brutal Nazi occupation of his beloved
city, the creation of the Warsaw Ghetto and the deportation of
his entire family to the labour camps. Surrounded by the madness
of war-torn Europe, Szpilman finds safety in the generosity and
kindness of strangers in a story of true power of humanity."

It again shows the horrible brutality that the mad-dog Hitler
mind-set enacted upon the Jews - hard to watch at times, hard to
contemplate the brutality that human beings can do to other human
beings. It also reminds me of the mindless illogical mad
reasoning of the leaders of the Western world, at the time, when
they thought they could make a deal with Hitler. Only Winston
Churchill knew you could never sign a deal with Hitler. If only
they had listened to Churchill from the start and had put an end
to Hilter and his crazed followers, maybe all that transpired
during the Second World War would never have taken place. Not
only the Jews lost millions but often forgotten is that Russia
lost, some say, close to 30 million people from the hand of the
Hitler war machine. 

It shows and reminds you that leaders of nations can be silly
dumb and naive as little children by not realizing what Hitler
was all about, and surely the signs leading up to Hitler taking
power were evident, certainly wise Winston Churchill could see it
as clear as a cloudless day. It shows also the will of the human
spirit to survive, and the good side of human nature that will
serve and help other human beings even to their own peril. 

A masterfully done true story of the lives and death of some
during the horrific Second World War.

So the team that I say is THE team in the world right now that
plays "soccer" (to you in North America) or as the world knows it
"football" (I often wonder how North America got to name their
"rugby" type sport "football" when only the kicker pretty well
gets to kick the ball with his foot), the way it should be
played, SPAIN, is in the final. Once in a while sport goes the
way it should. Nobody is more deserving than Spain to be in the
FIFA world cup final. They play with skill, with a way that does
make soccer look beautiful. They seldom if ever get "yellow
cards" - they pass with smoothness that is the voice of a
beautiful melody. They are a class act indeed. They can be
beaten, as they did lose one game during the whole series of
games to the final. But they still lose with grace. Holland also
has shown class in this FIFA 2010 world cup. Though they are the
underdog, the Dutch team could pull off an upset. It should be a
great final. I'm a favorite of the Spanish team for their
consistent beautiful style, and of course it would set a world
record to be not only the European champions but also world
champions. But both team will set a first, for neither team has
ever won the FIFA world cup.
I hope both teams will show what a beautiful game soccer can be,
as they prove to the world, sportsmanship and good clean play can
take you to the final.

BP in the Gulf of Mexico is trying another move to capture the
oil still flowing out. They will over the next few days, be
trying to put another cap on the pipe that will capture most of
the oil and send it to ships at the top. It's still weeks away
from drilling the relief wells.

The illegal status problem for the USA, with 12 million people
classified as "illegal" is taking another turn. More States are
saying they may do what Arizona did, and bring in tough laws on
illegals. A recent poll gives 52% of people agreeing with what
Arizona has done. Some say it is a Federal issue, but the Feds
may be just too slow on the mark, for many States.

A new drug - K2 - is on the move. It is a man made synthetic
drug, that they say is 15 times stronger than the effect of
marijuana, and apparently as of now, 42 States have it as legal!
More drugs for everyone is just what the USA does not want, as if
life in the USA is not hard or bad enough as it is for the druggy
world of drug abusers and users. Add a little more to the pot to
make it boil over and spill out in lives that are off the map of
good sense and safe living.

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