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The Old Oily Prophecy

Still slipping along!

I've told you a number of times on this Website that the idea of
"oil" being the item to bring this world crashing to the end time
prophecies, has been proclaimed since the 1960s. And so in the
70s and the 80s and the 90s and still is in parts of Christendom
that dabble in Bible prophecy. Here in June 2010 from a
"religious" publication is the continuing bleating of this sticky
oily prophecy - Keith Hunt

By Robert B. MacDormand
Oil is the life blood of industrial nations. Without oil most
industries would grind to a halt. In January the International
Energy Agency predicted that 2011 would see the greatest demand
for oil in the history of the world. This is because of the
ballooning economies of Asia, led by China. China is the sleeping
giant that has awakened and is on track to replace the United
States as the world's largest economy within twenty years. Will
this shoot up the price of oil in the near future?
In the year 2000, President Clinton predicted that if the price
of oil went too high it would cause a worldwide recession. After
it peaked at around $150 a barrel, there was a recession,
exacerbated by the mortgage default problem. Today, all economic
indicators point to recovery from recession in the next two
years, but will the price of oil rise again and cause another
recession? Our nations were plunged into incredible debt in
the recent recession in order to avoid a depression, and we
wonder if we have the ability to avoid a worldwide crash next
time around.

Believers in Israel Truth know that the Babylonian economic
system will eventually fall. Many of us believe there will be
another depression and World War. The world's economic system is
fragile at best. The eyes of the world are always on the Middle
East to watch for any political turmoil which could boil over
into a major conflict and disrupt the flow of oil. Any disruption
to the flow of oil could have a disastrous effect on the world's
economic system. This is why political stability in the Middle
East is crucial. Oil must keep flowing from that region to feed
the Babylonian economic system.
(And so goes the old oily cry that the West is so dependant on
Middle East oil. They've been proclaiming it since the 1960s. It
makes no difference about us getting oil from our own land or out
in our off shore seas, or from South America countries, or even
moving in the direction of getting off of oil - it seems to make
no difference with "oily prophecies" - they go on and on bleating
the same message, decade after decade - Keith Hunt)
In the near future there will be increased oil production in
Brazil, Australia, Columbia, India, and the former Soviet Union.
Following that, Iraq, Canada, and Venezuela will have significant
increases in their oil production due to huge international
investment in those countries. Also, many people in Europe and
North America are turning to automobiles powered by electricity,
biofuels, or natural gas. The question is: Will these and other
initiatives be enough to keep the price of oil at a manageable
level that will not crash the world's economies?
(You would think the answer would be obvious - YES! Oil will not
be the greasing of the world as it has been, not in the West as
many Western nations are moving into "green" greasing and space-
age power - Keith Hunt)
Already the price of oil is rising, even though the recovery has
not fully taken effect. Unemployment is still high and businesses
are still cautious. This will change as people see economic
conditions improve, and by the end of the year we should see the
unemployment rate falling rapidly. This will lead to even higher
oil prices. Also, speculators will drive the price even higher by
gambling in the stock market. I am not saying there will be
another recession when oil again reaches $150 a barrel. The
recent recession involved a problem with personal credit and
reckless banking practices, which governments around the world
are trying to correct. However, the burgeoning Asian economies
will create a demand for oil like we have never seen before, and
the world will soon experience an oil shortage. Whoever controls
the oil has great economic power.
(Not so. The West will have no fear of not having all the oil it
wants, as it continues its move away from oil over the next
decades. It is a fact as 20/20 and John Stossel looked into a few
years back - Alberta oil sands has enough oil to feed the world
for 100 years, if the world wants to live on oil. And though
China may want to for a few decades, the world is seeing it must
move into greener power and living. Many countries in Europe are
way ahead in green technology than others in the West. The Gulf
of Mexico oil disaster will surely increase the push for the USA
to move away from oil. The truth of the matter is that the West
does not anywhere need as it once did, Middle East oil - Keith
This may be why the next World War will be centered in the Middle
(It will NOT be for the old "oil prophecy" reason. It will be for
another many reasons - Keith Hunt)
The United States has been desperately trying to reduce its
dependency on Middle East oil. President Bush made it a goal for
the United States to be able to supply its military with fuel
without resorting to oil imports from the Middle East. President
Obama has opened up offshore drilling in the United States, and
for at least three years there has been talk of increasing shale
oil extraction in Utah, Colorado, and Wyoming. These shale oil
deposits are massive, containing more oil than there is in Saudi
Arabia, but extracting the oil would devastate the environment.
(So the writer sees we have more oil in our own lands than we
need, if we wanted to stay on oil, but the fact is we ARE moving
away from oil to space-age power - oil has had its hay-day -
Keith Hunt)
It appears that eventually the high price of oil will cause
another recession. It is anyone's guess when this will happen.
Usually, after a recession, the next one does not hit for another
ten years. However, in the past there was not the tremendous oil
shortage that we will be faced with. We may get through the next
recession with our economies intact, but eventually economic
Babylon will fall. The nations will be brought to judgment by
Almighty God, and many of our people will realize the necessity
of world rulership by God, rather than by man.
The end time Babylon will fall, but first it will not be the
Babylon the writer thinks it will be. And oil will NOT be the
center item that "oil prophecy" guys have been shouting about for
50 years. When you have got embedded in your mind for decades
that "oil" is what will bring the world to the Third World War
and Christ's return, it becomes such a slippery slope of greased
oil your brain has a hard time sliding off on to a solid ground
of reality.
You need to get your mind off the oil scene. Oil has slipped
away, it's on the road down to slipping back into the earth where
it belongs. The Western world is leaving the oil mess and is
moving into space-age technology, some countries fast than
others, and the West maybe faster than the East, but even the
East will see that space-age power is way better than dirty black
oil or coal.
Do not be surprised if China decides to move into the fast track
away from oil and coal. When China decides to move, they move,
look what they have done in 50 years since they have been moving.
Keith Hunt


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