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Costern's Oil Gadgets

World "soccer" is wild!

                       STROKE NUMBER TWO FOR KILLING

                          G20 TO MEET IN TORONTO

                     OIL IN GULF - COSTNER BROUGHT IN

The latest - just off the press - is the worldwide study that
"stoke" is the world's second biggest killer!
And more startling is the fact that strokes are happening in the
20 year old age group.
The reason? You figured it - bad living life style - too much
grease foods like french fries, lack of exercise, high blood
pressure, stress, and just all that piles up to a wrong way of
Time to change our ways people, you and your children!!

G20 are going to meet in Toronto this week in June 2010. Listen
to this - it will take ONE BILLION DOLLARS just on security to
keep these guys safe. Somebody must be nuts, or this Canadian
government is hoping a good portion of these leaders are going to
invest in Canada. Well people still dream I guess.
What will they accomplish? I will guess about nothing!

Gulf oil! Still pouring out but BP have sacked their CEO - as if
that will stop the gushing. Now they say there is methane gas
also coming out.
They have brought in Kevin Costner and five of his space age
gadgets that are supposed to take oil out of water. Well they
sure have nothing to lose in trying Costner's contractions.
Oh did you know (just mentioned on Canadian news the other
night), this is not the first huge disaster of oil in the Gulf.
30 years ago the Mexicans had one of their oil rigs do the same
and just about as much oil poured into the Gulf. They could not
stop it until two months later when a relief well was drilled. 
You talk about not learning from history. The USA Government was
asleep at the controls.

The vent over the State of Israel 's blockade of Gaza .... well
Israel has lifted it's guard and is allowing more daily needs
products to enter Gaza. I should think so!

The rain and flooding in South Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba,
of Canada, is so severe it could mean the loss of grain crops
that it would be the greatest loss in 100 years.

Southern Alberta has the largest "Dinosaur field" in the world.
Now they know from the deposit of bones (some dinosaur herds were
in the many hundreds if not low thousands). They say they have
enough work in collecting it all that it will take the life time
of those working there. Now they want to say it was storms like
Katrina that buried them by the thousands. The simple answer is
Genesis 1:1-2 - a worldwide flood that destroyed the dinosaurs
and made the deposits of coal, oil, gas, diamonds, and all the
strata we see in the surface of the earth - Grand Canyon and
Canadian Rockies for clear view of strata. Even many Christians
do not know the POWER and FORCES that shook this earth and
covered it with water. Only the battle between Satan (his angels)
and God (and His angels) as the Bible says took place in the
past, could bring about the physical destruction of the lands and
dinosaurs of that age, that ended up with the whole earth covered
with water - not at the time of Noah, but at the time of Genesis
1:1-2. Such forces in that time is beyond the human mind to
understand. But it is written in the strata of the earth as God
brought forth the land and mighty mountains that we have today in
parts of the earth, as given in Genesis 1 and 2. A world brought
forth for mankind as God planned to enlarge His family through
the creation of man.
All this wonderful truth is expounded on this Website.

Lotto - Albert, Lotto - Ontario, Lotto - California, or whatever
Lotto for whatever State or Province or Country. Canada news the
other night showed what some of our Provinces are making -
HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars. It's another form of taxing. But
the people love to have it so. There is this part of human
nature, the selfishness part, the get for no effort part, that
like to have it so. It is SIN on the part of our local or
national leaders. Such 
"lotto playing" will NOT be in the new age to come. Then again
MANY things will not be in that age.

The way FOOTBALL (Soccer to you in North America) is played
today, in nearly all the matches I've watched in this FIFA world
Cup, is another thing that will change in the age to come. My oh
my, it has degraded so much since I was a teenager. The free
kicks for fouls is every minute it seems; the pushing, elbows
flying, hands and arms all over the place, legs and feet all
over. The USA team had this corner kick and scored what should
have been the winning goal - the pushing, arms around, holding,
by the other team was disgusting; the ref called foul, not the
other team but by the USA whoever ... no one could understand his
obvious wrong call. But most of the games have been shocking to
me, for the violent rough way most teams are playing the game.
Now Spain did play their clean style of passing, in the game I
saw, and still to the shock of everyone lost 1-0. It was a lovely
goal by the other team I will say.
But spare me, give me a break, the world's Football has
What I laugh at is that you see these "football" stars doing all
kinds of fancy tricks with the ball - off the field - some so
fancy they could be in the circus. Then when playing the game,
the bad kicks, bad passing, bad control at times, is the opposite
from their cleaver juggling in practice warm-ups. Put that
together with the pushing, arms and legs flying all over the
place, and you have a bunch of scrappy no-rules, no sportsmanship
play. Now and again some brilliant skill shines through. Don't
blame it on the new ball - they say it is the regulation size and
Well so much for the soccer rounds so far, sure hope it gets
better in the coming rounds, but I will not hold my breath .....
bring on the LADIES SOCCER!!!

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