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Gulf Oil Disaster - the latest!

BBC "Life" DVDs


                              BBC "LIFE" DVDs

The oil still pouring into the Gulf of Mexico is MUCH larger a
spill than they have been letting on over the last 50 days or so.
It seems that BP have no way of shutting this off until the new
relief wells are in place, and that is not till August.

The NT tells us to pray for leaders of nations, well we can
certainly pray that Obama and the USA Government puts in place
TOUGHER LAWS to regulate oil drilling in the Gulf. Maybe we can
pray they USA Government will see the light of getting out of oil
use in a fast way, and move into CLEAN ENERGY in a space age
world, and also the use of the hemp plant (yes the same family as
marijuana) to make all the things that are presently made from
We do not need to be on an oil diet - but getting off it seems
very difficult for the Western world to do. I guess big "oil
lobbyists" of course want to continue the oil craze and diet.

We can pray that out Western world leaders will have the guts to
take us off oil use in a fast way.

Flash flood of a popular camp ground in the USA State of Arkansas
(for you like me who find the spelling of this State real
strange, we say it as "Arkansaw") has killed at least 18, and
maybe more; the camp registry was washed away, so they do not
know how many were in the camp-ground. The flood came during the
night, so caught everyone while sleeping. A real sorrow, they had
little chance or warning to escape.

South Africa is in the spotlight now the 30 days of the World
Football Cup is on (Soccer to you North America people). The well
loved Mr. Mandella worked hard to get the FIFA Cup for the first
ever time in an African nation. What a man .... so great an
individual in many ways. A real role model for any youth of any
country in the world.
Soccer .... well grew up playing it, was captain of my High
School team. Sad to say it has become much rougher, arms and legs
all over the place today, not allowed when I was in High School,
but pro team sports.... Then again when Spain won the European
Cup last year ... what a clean beautiful passing game they
played, it was a pleasure to watch, they really did make it a
"beautiful game." I believe Spain is one of the favorites to win
the cup.
I'm not a watcher of soccer per se, will try and watch the final
if it's not on the Sabbath. Like the Super Bowl I think the final
is on Sundays today.

I have just received the new BBC DVDS called "Life"!  Only
watched a few hours so far. But one thing among the many things
of this series is the reality of the promised age to come, when
the lion will eat straw like the ox. And we can take that given
example from God, as meaning animals will not have to hunt and
eat other animals. I take it as maybe meaning the birds and
insects also. We are not given much detail on it all. But maybe
it means God will change so many ways of life today, in that age
to come. So yes, if that is the case, there will be a different
way of keeping the population of all things in check and balance.
Maybe the Eternal Father will just reprogram everything in nature
- well the ones He needs to reprogram for a world of no violence
to anything. 
We are given only some basic plans for that age in the
Scriptures, we are not given every detail. 
I think it would be nice to be able to enjoy everything in nature
without the concern of getting hurt, or other creatures killing
each other. Nice to be able to swim with the great white shark
and the penguin, without the shark wanting to eat the penguin. 
Well you can let your imagination run wild on all these thoughts,
of how it may be in the wonderful age to come.

To be continued from time to time

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