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World of Troubles

Some good news!

                         THE TROUBLES OF THE WORLD

                            WITH SOME GOOD NEWS

Europe still in deep bank crisis - sliding - tearing apart - much
financial disaster - iron mixed with clay.

The "tea party" in the USA is making headlines once more - Palin
gal on the band-wagon. People are getting disgusted with
Washington - no jobs - bank bailouts - loss of homes - Wall/Fall
Street thieves. Middle and Lower class income class in big

Now it a fact - North Korea sunk the South Korea ship with nearly
50 lives lost - tension tension is going to be the norm between
these two parts of the same country.

Thailand army wins the battle and crushes the red-shirts, but it
will take a long time to have "piece" in that land.

Canada people going through 360 boxes of paper-work to try and
figure out how Earl Jones got away with his money fraud for 20
years or so. Apparently a friendly-sweet-sugar-daddy of a guy
that was as slick as melted butter - a stone could melt in his
mouth so to speak.

Canada is having to spend, get this .... ONE BILLION dollars for
security for the G8 and G20 guys to meet in Ontario, which they
say translated into ONE million dollars for every minutes these
world leaders meet in conference.
You talk about crazy nutty people in the Canadian Government that
are willing to spend one million dollars for every minute they
meet - and this is tax payer's money. No wonder God in His word
says our leaders are MAD. It's the largest budget security EVER
in Canadian history.

The oil spill in the Gulf is now at an all time man-made largest
disaster to ever hit the USA. It is going to have monumental
results for the shore line, the Gulf sea, and environment for
natures fish and birds etc. in that part of the world, and of
course for many business people of the areas it will effect. So
far it seems President Obama is just speaking words of comfort to
the people. Time will tell if he's going to bite into those words
and do more than just speak.

One guy who is "into" radical Islam has said he and his, are in a
war with the USA, and they will kill both army people and
civilians - makes no difference to them which it is - both he
says, are in their rifle sight scope.

USA and business - 595,000 small businesses have closed in the
last two years because of the recession/depression. Small
businesses employ 50% of the work force. But some of those left
are "teaming up" - both going under the one roof. Retail sales
though is up 8.8 percent.

Violence is mounting in Iraq. I said years ago that it would once
the USA gets ready to pull out. The religious fractions are too
deep, there will be much more bloodshed.

Crazy minority groups with a certain focus in mind, in a number
of countries around the world are shedding blood for "their


A Ranch in Montana is devoted to helping kids with severe mental
and emotional problems. Many of the adopted "Russian" children
coming into the USA, with hidden disabilities, are going there,
for the phycological help they need. The Ranch has good results,
not with everyone, but with the main it does. 

The "Seed Boarding School" (your child gets in by the draw of
numbers in a spin the wheel kinda draw) - is making a fantastic
difference in the lives and education of all who go there. Just
about everyone who graduates from grade 12 go on to College or
University. With the teachers .... well it's a "calling" not just
a job, long long hours, five days a week. The kids are up at 6
am. In school from 8 am to 4 pm, and then sometimes many hours
after if they need help. The Seed Boarding School is planning to
open at least two more schools in the near future. Pres.Obama has
proclaimed what a fantastic job they are doing.

Ontario farmers are going "solar" power - taking off like a house
on fire - producing energy that they can sell back to the "power
grid." Some countries in Europe have already been doing this - it
is a wave of the future for space age 21st century. 
Yes, getting going Western world, time to shoot off like a rocket
ship from dirty oil, and straddle the seat to space age

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