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Movies Anyone?

Here are some great ones!

                             MOVIE TIME ANYONE

AVATAR now out on DVD. Superb I found for its majestic color and
fairyland scenes. Certainly an epic movie that I enjoy the more I
see it. Young to old.

AMELIA - the true life story of Amelia Earhart the flying gal who
had such big dreams - the last one too big for her try, if she
had only waited for another 10 years, she may well have made it
with more sophisticated airplanes that could have gone higher and
further. An inspiring movie but sad also in the true life events.
More for older teens and adults.

THE UNTOUCHABLES - an old movie of 1987 - Kevin Costner as
federal agent Eliot Ness. The true story of Al Capone the
gangland kingpin and how Ness finally got him. For Adults.

LETTER TO JULIET - new for May 2010. A charming, warm, inspiring
movie of true love, with lots of humor and fun along the way.
Amanda Seyfried is to me just right for this kind of movie - a
type of movie I think that she was born to make. Some people are
just made for some kinds of movies - Amanda fits this like hand
and glove. For 7 to 97 years as they say.

CLASH OF THE TITANS. Also new April 2010 movie, in 3D. It's the
blockbuster type adventure and with all the special effects.
Enjoyable for those like me who enjoy this type of movie.

ROBIN HOOD - the new Russell Crow and Cate Blanchett movie.
Starts from a different perspective of 12th century Britain and
Europe. Certainly in the "epic" class - slow at times, but mighty
scenes of castles, war, battles, and beautiful green English
country-side. As it says at the end - this is just the start of
Robin Hood legend. 
Maybe more to come from this producer and Crowe and Blanchett. A
good introduction for Kevin Costner's old Robin Hood movie.
Probably best for teens to adults.

HANNA MONTANA - THE MOVIE. Did go to see it in the Theater when
it came out in 2009. Bought the DVD recently. A fun movie for
anyone, with a good lesson to it all, well many lessons actually.

"The Water Horse" (2008) from Columbia Pictures. 
"Narnia - the Loin, the Witch and the Wardrobe" - rated PG - from
Walt Disney Pictures.
"Narnia - Prince Caspian" - rated PG - from Walt Disney Pictures.
"Spiderwick Chronicles" - rated PG but some reviews say good for
the whole family - from Paramount Pictures.
"The Princess Bride" - rated PG, but many 6 and 7 year old kids
will like it. It's 22 years old now, but still a fun movie. I
have the Anniversary Collector's Edition.

DARK COMMAND - one of John Wayne's early movies as well as Roy
Rogers, but no Trigger in this one. But a special historic movie
of sorts. A good story line based on the civil war times of the


"Fame" - the recent one (2009/2010) not the old first one, which
had terrible language in it. I threw that one on the fire. The
modern one is rated PG. Good music and story line. Based on the
real New York High School for the performing arts.

Doris Day fans like me will love...."On Moonlight Bay" - "The
Pajama Game" - very fine light fun movies. "Love Me of Leave Me"
- very different for Doris, but a great performance, with James
Cagney in his famous loud, fighting voice, and style of tough
guy, a little overbearing for me at times, but certainly a
different character for Doris to play and she does it well.

"Court Jester" - a must for the talent of Danny Kaye, one of the
great talents of show business in the century. And a young
Angela Lansbury, with pretty Glynis Johns - she was in many ways,
well I thought so from being a pre-teen kid, as pretty as Marilyn
Monroe. Maybe I had a slight bias, as she was Welsh, like myself.
I used to call her "baby face." I think I was about 6 or 7 when I
first saw her in a movie. My Mon would get a laugh when I saw her
in a movie, as I would say, with a big smile, "Oh it's baby
Certainly this movie shows the talent of Danny Kaye. It is said
he could speak 6 languages fluently.

"Three Little Words" - one of the must movies for Fred Astaire,
Red Skelton, Vera-Ellen. The true story of Bert Kalmer and Harry
Ruby  - the stage and screen songsmiths. And it is an early
screen appearance for Debbie Reynolds. Magical in many ways.

"Broadway Melody of 1940" - Fred Astaire and Eleanor Powell. I
was not that aware of Eleanor Powell, but what a talent. She
appeared in a number of tap dance musicals, as a solo dancer
because nobody could dance with her, she was that good, until
they paired her with Fred. But she was a dancer of all types,
from ballet to tap, and she shows it in this movie - one of the
world's great female dancers of all time.

"Rhythm on the Range" and "Rhythm on the River" - a double
classic for all Bing Crosby fans. A young Big shows his singing
talent as more than just a "crooner" as he was later known as.
And in Rhythm on the Range you see a short singing scene of Roy
Rogers, Bob Nolan, Tim Spencer - the first three in the famous to
be cowboy group, The Sons of the Pioneers. This is before Roy
Rogers became Roy Rogers, interesting.

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