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World Financial Mess!

Oil still coming up from Gulf floor!


May 8th 2010. 

Greece being in such financial troubles and getting a huge bail-
out from Europe .... well that has sent shivers done the spine of
the world. Europe may have to re-organize, some drop out etc. or
they say another recession as in 2008 could hit the globe.

Britain in financial mess also. That country borrows ONE BILLION
dollars every 53 hours. More debt per chapiter than any country
in the world. More debt per chapiter than any country in world

A huge "fraud" has been discovered in Alberta, Canada, involving
the Bank of Montreal. Many are involved, some have already fled
the country with millions of dollars.

Wall Street hit the deck, or shall be say went through the bottom
in a matter of minutes on Thursday May 6th. They have no idea why
it all happened. 

The car bomb in New York city that did not blow up.... they have
the guy responsible. He'd gone back to Pakistan to be trained,
left family there. But thankfully his training was so poor, or he
was so inept, the bomb did not explode.

The BP "cap tank" for the oil flowing out one mile down in the
Gulf of Mexico, was not successful. They thought it may not do
the job, as it had never been done before at such a depth and
such cold temperature as one mile down. The disaster to hit the
South coast of the USA is still looking like it may well happen.

The British Government election on May 6th brought no decisive
victor. Now the third party winner has to see if it can make a
deal with the Conservative Party that got most seats - a
coalition Government maybe, but Britain just ain't used to such a
Government, whereas Canada seems to have it all the time.

The G20 I believe are to meet again soon, to see what and how to
fix the world financial mess.

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