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Nostradamus and the Anti-christ

People are so far off, as he was!

                           NOSTRADAMUS PROPHECY?

I happened to catch it on the History Channel. I do not watch
that channel that much, do not watch much TV period. But
something told me to click that channel at 9 pm this evening of
April 16th 2010. They had just started an hour long program on
Nostradamus and his prophecies.

Well, it's not the first time I've seen such a program. I watched
one in the late 1980s. And like this one they talked about Nostra
boy seeing the end times. IN that one they looked at some of the
things he wrote about WHEN the end of the age would come. And
yes, according to how they wanted to interpret Nostra boy and his
many four line, poetic, riddle writings, the end of the age was
2,000 A.D. 

Now, obviously they have debunked those interpretations, as they
and Nostra were very mistaken. So nothing in tonight's show was
going to say anything about him or them being very wrong, concerning 
the time of the end of this age.

Tonight they concentrated on Nostra's 3 mentions of the 3 "anti-
christs" to come towards the end time and at the end time.

The first one was they think, Napoleon! And with the clues Nostra
gives it looked very likely the first anti-christ was Napoleon.

The second anti-christ, with Nostra's clues, looked very much like
it was Hitler.

Certainly those two bad guys, as the program brought out, were
the fellows that caused more deaths than any other bad-men from
any time in history. The clues from Nostra certainly seemed to
point us to those evil men.

The third and last anti-christ is to come at the end time. It was
laughable as to who the program or it's people presenting this
case, gave as the possible end time anti-christ. Some have thought it
was Nixson, others, Bush, or Clinton, or bad-guys from the Arab
world, you know Ben boy over there in Afghanistan. Some have
thought it might be Saddam of Iraq whose now six feet under. And
some think it is Obama!

Well, who was this Nostradamus? He lived in the 1500s. He was a
Roman Catholic priest!

Now, sure enough Satan the Devil knows a lot about Bible
prophecy. And it should be no surprise then that he can give
correct prophecies to someone like Nostra boy with his dreams and
visions. But when it comes to the end time, Satan does not have
the power to give the true prophecies. He is going to be
INCORRECT! He is going to pour out all kinds of FALSE ideas and
prophecies. He is going to be as far as the East is from the
West, in giving TRUTH about the end time anti-christ. In fact he
is going to be so WRONG, it's the way the anti-christ WILL come
and deceive people, millions, in fact well over a BILLION people
on earth. For they will NOT be looking for THAT MAN when he
comes, to be the anti-christ. Do you not realize you can come in
Christ's name, come looking like you are doing the "work of the
Lord" - looking like you are very godly "religious" and yet you
can be AGAINST Christ. Jesus will not accept you as being part of
His body of saints at all! The truth of that is right from the 
very words of Christ in the Gospels.

The anti-christ to come is fully expounded to you in different
studies on this Website.

Oh, these end time guys with Nostra say there's something about
a 27 year war; hummmm, maybe if the USA and others stay in Afghan
long enough, they can say Nostra was correct on that point also.
You may understand I'm speaking with tongue in cheek. I'm being
very sarcastic.

Forget about Nostra boy! He may have had a few things correct in
past history, but for the very end times, he didn't have a clue,
for the one inspiring him ain't allowed to tell you the truth.
The Word of God IS TRUTH (John 17:17) and it DOES tell you about
the anti-christ to come, and that truth is about as far away as
Nostra and his modern buddies are telling you. 

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