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"The Heart of the Game" movie

Lessons and Inspirational!

                       "THE HEART OF THE GAME" MOVIE

If you are a true sports movie fan, you need this movie in your

If you are still raising your children, you need this true story
movie for its lessons of life, in your collection.

If you think a "top" notch High School girls "basketball" team
needs many of those 6'2" and taller girls, then you need to see
this movie.

The back cover reads:

"Go courtside for a true-life rush like no other in this
passionate and inspirational documentary in the same powerful
tradition as "Hoop Dreams." Director Ward Serrill brings the
camera up close and personal to capture the Roosevelt Roughriders
girls' basketball team during six turbulent seasons, taking us
far beyond the court. You'll meet Bill Resler, the tax professor
turned hard-driving unorthodox coach who turns the team around -
and Darnellia Russell, the talented inner-city tough girl who
battles off-court threats to regain eligibility. You'll meet a
real team full of drive, toughness and the unbridled desire to
make history."

Do not be fooled by the word "documentary" - it is, but it is
MUCH more - it's a documentary on a small size (physical height
that is) girls basketball team that is anything but small sized
when it comes to talent and personal growth.

Yes, a movie for your library - a Miramax Films backing to bring
it to you.

Obtainable from     
As are just about every English movie ever made.


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