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The Miracle Match

Not the famous USA Hockey team ... but

                         "THE MIRACLE MATCH" MOVIE

After the last 5 meltdowns it is time to have a more uplighting
true story in life.

This is a movie and true story I'd never heard of until just
recently. It was a pre-view on another true life movie I was

It is called "The Miracle Match" and no it is not about the
Olympic USA hockey team that beat the Russian team for the gold
medal in the Olymptics some 40 years ago or so (and that is a
super movie also), but it is about the USA SOCCER team from
St.Louis and New York that goes down in sports history as one of
the bigest upsets ever. Two weeks before the 1950 World Cup of
Soccer (called "soccer" in North America while the rest of the
world calls it as it is "Football") the USA team is to play the
British, at the time, the best team in the world. And the part-
time soccer players from the USA put on quite the game of magic.

If you are a soccer fan like me (I was captain of our High-school
soccer team), then you will love this movie.

I have also found out recently that have just
about every movie made (English language ones at least)


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