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USA History in the Making

First Black President starts in Deep Recession


January 18 2009. So the hype has begun, the excitement mounts,
the new USA Savior (as most think he will be) is on his way to
Washington. The old 8 years of the mess that Bush left is days
from being history, and just about all the people of the world
are expecting Obama to produce MIRACLES! 

It is certainly history, as a physically colored half black man
takes the office of President of the United States. His speeches
produce awe and emotional hysterics from many. I suppose they
really do believe he will be the savior of the physical job and
financial mess and deep recession that the USA is in.

Obama talks about putting tens of thousands, hundreds of
thousands back to work doing .... road building, this building
and that building, yet most out of work have no clue how to build
those things, and re-training takes time. Houses sure do not have
to be built, it will be a massive job just to sell the ones now
for sale all over the country.

It's nice to talk, somewhat easy to talk after 8 years of the
mess Bush left behind, but righting that mess, bringing the
troops home from two wars, is going to be a task that Obama will
find is beyond his control. Talk can be easy but fixing things as
they are, and they are in a state not seen since the Great
Depression of the 1930s and the Second World War, will be another
ball game.

When the people of the United States see that it will be a long
long time for anyone to pull the USA out of the bottom of the
barrel, they will soon realize that history making skin color for
President means just about nothing.

The world is changing now, the economies of the world may have
changed forever. The days of the USA being the economical leader
is over. Europe and China will start to take their place in Bible
prophecy more and more. The world scene is changing to the
formation of a mighty Europe Babylon Roman Beast power to
eventually rule the Western world. China and Russia will move to
be the great and mighty powers of the East.

The Arab world is split right now, but Egypt will again come on
the scene to lead an Arab Union of nations that will form the
king of the South of Daniel 11:40-45. The king of the North will
be the resurrected Holy Roman Empire of Europe. The king of the
South will push at the king of the North in some serious way, for
the king of the North will attack and defeat the king of the
South. Then she will enter the Holy Land, surround Jerusalem,
which will fall, including the Wailing Wall, finally fulfilling
the prophecy of Jesus that not one stone of the Temple would be
left upon another. The Babylon abomination will set its seat in
Jerusalem. The Jews will be destroyed, they will flee to the
hills to the North, where they will be hindered in their flight
by the Arabs and the Turks. The GREAT TRIBULATION will have
started. Britain and the USA will have been depleted in whatever
ways God uses to bring them low. The Beast of Europe ruled by
the largest Christian religion of the world, will be ready to
strike. The woman Whore will strike with full fury. By the time
it is all over fully 9 tenths of the population of the West will
be dead. The woman whore will for one last time ride the Roman
Beast. God's true people will have to flee to the hills and the
valleys. There she will be protected by the miracles of the Lord.

Obama will not take the people back to serving God in spirit and
in truth, there will be a continual decline in the moral
standards of the USA. Good will be called evil and Evil will be
called good. Abortion will continue, same sex marriage will gain
regal status more and more. Fornication and adultery will
continue to be common place. People "shacking-up" together will
increase. Sick-coms on prime time TV will get ever more sick and

There will be no real true Godly redeeming power in the
administration of the next President Obama administration. It is
all show-biz - all outward glitter - all just a pipe dream in the
minds of far too many who do not seek God any more in anything we
do. We are far too physically material minded. We have perverted our
material mind. Wall Street finally corrupted itself to death.

We have far too many people like the Hollywood Stars, the Sports
Stars, making out of this world money, that they do not deserve
and should not be allowed to receive. There is no balance or
priorities left any more in our lands. There should be laws as to
how much money CEO people and movie stars can make in a year for
the work they do. True freedom is within laws, not outside laws,
to let the markets run-a-muck, as was allowed for Wall Street and
the Banks and Investors, is ERROR and SIN! True investing is good
as long as all is done in righteousness. 

The problem with the USA is much deeper than any white or black
President can fix, who does not FIRST bring the people back to
God and His laws and way of life.

Israel Jews and their army have stopped fighting in Gaza .... for
now! But the fanatical and crazy Hamas are still acting defiant;
they probably will still be so full of hate for the Jews, I doubt
they will try to live in peace with them for any long term. There
will probably be more fighting and killing before it's all over.
Certainly before Jesus Christ returns there will be fighting
again in the Middle East.

To be continued from time to time 

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