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Two New Health Facts!

Fast-foods Eaters - Parkinson's Bike!

                         BIG DISCOVERIES ON HEALTH

The latest on health for Canada is - two out of three Canadians
are OVER-weight!

Now talking about overweight and obesity, especially obesity. New
science evidence is: Junk-food addicts are in the same boat as
Cocaine addicts. They have scanned the brains (they use the same
scanning technical method for cocaine addicts) of obesity problem
people and the same area of the brain scanned the same for
cocaine addicts, AND it comes up very near the SAME!
It seems to the Medical world that getting OFF "junk-food" eating
for most junk-food eaters that must have junk-food, is like
trying to get OFF cocaine to an addicted person on cocaine.

It must be something very close indeed for the sad facts are
obesity is still a HUGE (pun not intended) HUGE problem in North
America. Those who have gotten obese from junk-food (the fat
foods - chips, fries, white-bun hamburgers and the like) have a
terrible time trying to put that stuff away. 
Best is not to GO THERE in the first place - and you must take
responsibility for the diet your children are on. It's like the
"Health and Strength" man Charles Atlas used to stress over and
over in his course - you are what you eat!

Another unreal break-through without fancy medical things is that
they have discovered that if people with Parkinson's Disease RIDE
A BIKE there is no trembling of the body, and it helps to combat
the disease! They are not sure exactly why; they think the body
must send out certain chemicals when the body is riding and
peddling a bike. All they know is that it helps if you ride a
bike if you have Parkinson's disease!
How about that! Something so simple.

The USA has a "trickle" (as one TV news guy put it) of
employment, now for the present created jobs to do with the
"census" taking, unemployment is down to 9.7 instead of 10 per
cent. But they also tell you it may not last. Naturally
Pres.Obama is jumping on the band-wagon of "hope and light at the
end of a dark tunnel."
Time will indeed tell.

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